Is Pune A Perfect Student Hub? [Youth Views]

Posted on September 21, 2010 in Education

By Adeena Jamal:

Pune – The city that was once bestowed upon with the sobriquets “Oxford of the East” and “The Queen of Deccan”. A city with its own magnificent historic past. An IT hub and the most industrialised district in Western Maharashtra . Pune has been home to several august freedom fighters and is now a cultural hot spot apart from being home to people from all across the globe which has greatly influenced the mosaic culture of the city.

We go about asking youngsters who have been living in Pune , inquiring their opinion about what they think the city they call home away from home.

Pune as it seems is a top notch destination for students owing to its cultural diversity and affability. The environment along with it being an educational pivot is a major draw. Aman Dixit, a second year law student, from Lucknow asserts that “Pune as a city provides a sterling environment and does not lag behind majorly in respect to civic sense and infrastructure . There are umpteen options for recreation like the theatres and malls along with so many places to hang out. But there is no slum rehabilation policy as compared to other metros. Even though initiatives have started , we see no distinct modulation around.

Anupama Agarwal, a freshman who is also a foreign national, adds “My parents prioritize my security the most and they are utmost satisfied with Pune ‘s near impregnable surrounding. As far as my stay here is concerned, the erratic water supply is not something that I look forward to. Even though I stay in a hostel, we have to make sure we complete our basic necessities in those given hours.

Many younsters in Pune have a lot to say about the civic sense and transport system about which they are not very happy. Maneel Grover, a third year student from Delhi, has effective views “Pune can be a little more dexterous. I find Pune restrictive when it comes to development policies. The BRT for example is a new concept in India, but the dividers which PMC uses just takes the benefits away. The flow of the traffic is the other area. The whole city seems to travel on one way roads which causes sheer inconvenience.

Sneha Sinha, a BBA IT student , who hails from Patna says “As a city Pune is very guarded. It offers great student life along with the right kind of exposure. But the transport system here in very expensive. Places are far off , and hiring an auto does not come easy on our pockets. The public transport system i.e. the buses are not very convenient too. What we could really have is a safe and economical transport system for the city, which caters to students who form a chunk of the city’s crowd.