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Life Is The Way You Live It, Not Live By It

Posted on September 8, 2010 in Health and Life

By Rishika Jalali:

Indefinite things in life always lead you to hate the diminutive part of existence. These are the times when you fall to question faith and suspect the existence of the one divine Supreme Being. Why is it that when we expect the greatest of happiness, the epitome of sadness and grief sets in? We can’t be the only possible targets of all things bad in the world, why is it that we have miserably failed in life to achieve what we aspire, what is it about us that welcomes doom with open arms?

These are the questions that confound the heart and mind. As individuals we think of ourselves to be the lone target, but then we are also made to believe that we are not the only ones who suffer. Accepting that situation, we tend to again get back to lose that fight against our faith and conviction and start cursing our own bad luck. But for how long is a person capable of sustaining the high level of patience required for handling and going through all that mental trauma?

Why do we always feel as if we have fallen as victims to the hands of the puppet master, as and when the strings are pulled we are forced to act? Laugh when forced to laugh, cry, run, hate, deceive, destroy, and mourn all in the hands of that unseen puppet master. It always seems as if we are mere toys of plastic, who do not break easily, so why not mishandle them in innumerous ways.

Yes, life is never the way we plan it to be, yet we become used to the unplanned events that spring up at the most inopportune moments. It’s like driving on the road with a blind turn; you never know when a massive collision can take place. Yet we take the risk and place ourselves as victims to the massive situations which can destroy the minutest of positive ions left in our life, for that one momentary happiness.

We fall in our own trap of endurance, and wonder where we went wrong, and then boom, another collision takes place and we are totally flabbergasted, the power to think, react and act goes away and you stare blankly into the space. And at that time the only thing that can strike is “What worse could happen?”. Not even a shock of about 2000 volts can overcome the numbness that one gets into. But we get up again and a new morning gives us a new hope to start all over again. We collect the estranged pieces of faith and belief and look for a new road to start from. After all life is the way you live it not live by it. Or is it?

The writer is a Design student from Delhi. Her pieces are always inspired by what she sees, feels and realizes on day to day basis. A believer of humanitarianism, she thinks that the world can be changed if we just saw it with a different lens.

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