Politics Without Ethics

Posted on September 1, 2010 in Specials

By Nandini Garg:

On 15th August 1947 when India after centuries of foreign domination started breathing fresh air of wisdom, none would have thought that this very fresh air would turn foul and with the passage of time, get so much contaminated that it would poison the whole of the country’s democratic set up and the persons to whom the responsibility of governing the country is given would be the fountain head of such contaminated air.

The present day politicians, the leaders governing the country, are obsessed with the monomania to loot the country and fill their own coffers, could be seen fighting for the bone like the snarling stray dogs on the street. Power by any means is their aim and this leads to the birth of conspiracy, murder, forging a network of like-minded politicians and bureaucrats and mafia. Now-a-days politics has become a lucrative profession, wherein prior investment of money and muscle power to grab the chair once is sufficient to feed the several generations and gives one the status and respectful position in society. Politicians are very much willing to liaise with any political party so long as it serves their interest. Trading and defection among the political parties have become a common practice. A number of scam cases are pending before the courts, relating to misappropriation, frauds, corruptions in which the present day politicians are shamelessly involved. The definition of politicians has since modified by these politicians tearing every fabric of morality and ethics.

Talking of ethics in terms of politicians is the most traumatic joke of the day. In every big scandal, whether, Telgi Stamp Case, Jain Dairy Case, bank security scam, Tehelka Case, Hawala case, Fodder scam, we find wires connected to some powerful politicians. Is it the same India, where Lal bahadur Shastri resigned over a solitary rail accident, where A.K. Antony resigned over the issue for which he was not even responsible and O.V. Alagesan resigned from the Central Cabinet over the alleged imposition of Hindi in the erstwhile Madras State?

Many politicians have reached the nadir of immortality when as a last ditch effort to grab power, they resort to both capturing and rigging with the help of criminals and dreaded gangsters. A leader in the office has the authority to direct the course of nation’s socio-economical development. He enjoys the powers to make policies for developmental activities to be initiated at a macro level. But if he himself becomes corrupt, spells unethical and immoral acts it can wreck havoc on the country. The ills of communalism, casteism, nepotism have gradually become the necessity of political arena. Rightly observed by our late Prime Minister Sh. Rajiv Gandhi, that out of 100 only 17% is actually spent on the developmental work and rest goes into the pockets of officials and politicians. today our country has acquired many ills such as corruption, casteism, communalism, etc all because the leaders have forgotten their moral and ethical duties towards their Motherland and have the motto to grab the power and earn money by any means.

People have lost faith in their leaders. The youth are disillusioned, are moving to the west for higher education, and then settle there permanently. Voters have become increasingly indifferent towards the process of election. The situation is undoubtedly grave. It is not appropriate to blame the politicians alone. It is even the public that is responsible in making the politicians corrupt, unethical, and goons. Even the most rational approach to ethics is defenceless if there isn’t the will to do what is right

It is not to conclude that all the politicians are corrupt and unethical. The hope lies with such honest, dedicated and devoted politicians who have sacrificed a lot for the welfare of this nation. It is high time that we enforce a code of conduct to stem the root and begin this exercise. A transparency in the working is very urgently needed. Responsible opposition and the media can play a vital role in exposing the immoral and unethical corrupt politicians. Let us generate a ray of hope that the people of country use their rights and duties in favour of dedicated, sincere and honest leaders for the good of themselves and for the welfare of this great nation. We need timeless principles to steer by in running our organizations and building our personal careers. We need high standards… the ethics of excellence.