Ravings Of An Idle Mind: Actuality to Practicality

Posted on September 2, 2010 in Specials

By Amrita Garg:

All my life, I was a dreamer. But one day, I woke from a dream and looked around. I saw that the world had changed a lot since I last knew it. People had learnt how to hate, how to hurt, how to kill. I shrank from this sight, feeling like a newborn, confused on entering completely new surroundings, after the safety of its mother’s womb. I saw, I heard, I felt. But I couldn’t comprehend what I saw, heard or felt. It was all so new, so unknown. I retreated into myself, searching for the peaceful, loving world I’d always known, within the recesses of my own mind.

I got so caught up in this quest, that I hardly realized that the world was passing by me, time was flying, without so much as a second backward glance at me, standing as I was, motionless, waiting for things to make sense. The old, familiar faces had given way to cold, unfeeling strangers. Simplicity had given way to a complicated web of forced words, forced gestures, forced emotions. Then a face emerged – angelic in its very familiarity, warm in the very memories it invoked. My heart was gladdened to see something from my distant past, to have an assurance that the world I knew had not been a mere dream.

But before I could touch that well-loved face, it lost all its warmth and familiarity, and became the face of one of those cold, masked strangers, which was all I had seen around me. That’s when I fell into a perpetual darkness, knowing that all that had been mine, was gone, and all that was new and intimidating, would have to be accepted as my own. Soon … The dreamer had dreamt her final dream and now there would be no more retreats, no more dreams. Now, I had to forget and move on, catch the fleeting time and ride it into the last sunset…

These are as the title says, random thoughts that came into my mind, sitting alone one day. Basically, through this I tell how dreams today are given up in the face of “practicality”.

Image courtesy: http://thedaringwomenscommunity.com/dare-to-make-any-dream-come-true/