The Choice Is Yours: Follow The Crowd or Stand Your Own

Posted on September 24, 2010 in Society

By Amrita Kohli:

It’s all about experimentation today. Things that seemed alien, non-conventional, unsocial and well, just wrong, are what we call “in vogue” today! Drinking, smoking, drugs i.e. “boozing”, “fagging” and “doping” are the “in” things to do. These were all considered taboo for a certain age-group once upon a time but not anymore. Well, it’s not like they are allowed now but easy access and mob mentality has made them temptations one cannot avoid. Everyone wants to try these at least once as if by not doing it, one would miss out on an opportunity that holds potential to make one’s life.

Trends catch on like wildfire. Kids want to try everything under the sun. If one does it, others follow suit and before you know it, everyone gets in the loop. The strongest of resolves fall short of one’s own expectations and you don’t mind crossing that line you made for yourself. Nothing seems astounding or shocking or revolting once you’re among “equals”.

Peer pressure becomes an excuse for curiosity which can easily be curbed by standing your ground. It’s easy to say that you did something because others wouldn’t accept you otherwise but in most situations no force is involved. Yes, wanting to be accepted becomes the issue and losing yourself is considered a small price to pay to just get in. It becomes a way of life, one you didn’t bargain for.

Tattoos and piercing are a rage today. The myth that only rebels get themselves inked is a thing of the past. The amended ideology is a welcome change no doubt and getting tattoos isn’t considered a thing out of the ordinary anymore. However, every other person has a tattoo today, some celebrating temporary choices which become liabilities once things retreat from greener pastures, like inking the name of the person one is in a relationship with. It is a personal choice no doubt but it’s inspired by all the wrong reasons putting to question one’s integrity to oneself.

However when it comes to alcohol, the situation worsens. It goes from trying occasionally to social to incessant in no time. The worst is the belief people hold today which is that they are more “fun” once they get nice and tipsy. Yes, watching drunken morons dance on table tops, fall uncontrollably and speak gibberish can be quite entertaining for others but it’s not fun once the throwing up starts which is mostly followed by passing out (in a pool of one’s own vomit unless someone saner takes care of you)! That is when the amusement becomes a pain and no, it is certainly not enjoyable then.

Smoking is a terrible choice; even the pack states a warning (which is luxuriously avoided) and drugs are illegal for a reason. But paying heed to any words of caution are below people’s self-esteem and moreover ruin one’s idea of a fun night.

Trying out different things isn’t bad but where do you draw the line? The situation is getting far from worse now that things are coming even more into the limelight. Stories of enjoyment turning into mishaps are all over the place and the worst part is that they are still not enough to convince the youth against going overboard and taking it slow. Very few manage to keep their heads on their shoulders; most dive head first in turbulent waters. Some gasp and fight back and come out safe and evolved; others sink in deep. It is a sad state of affairs today considering how much potential is going waste due to judgment errors.

It’s not always just about making the right choices; it’s about making the right one’s for you.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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