The Lost Essence of Girlhood

Posted on September 15, 2010

By Adeena Jamal:

Humanity is provoked and spurred at any nexus of beauty. So crazily driven is the aesthetic industry that the country is witnessing several small “beauty parlours” mushrooming across the country. Every cranny of some mohalla has a beauty parlour to boast off. 13 year old young pretty naive girls are ready to experiment with their hairstyles. If it is bangs one day, the next fashion season it is a Victoria Beckham lookalike haircut. Nail paints are available in every single hue and colour you can possibly dream of. And the interesting part is that you see young girls sporting away such shades with much panache. Why is it that the innocence of the young girls with two braids playing hopscotch has been lost during the dawn of fashion in india ?

Why is it that girls cannot eat a proper meal ? Is there a need of a hullabaloo if the weighing scale reads a liitle on the heavier side? And the world and the patrons of the beauty industry are in complete awe of 15 year old girls who are ready to walk on the ramp when it is the time to actually enjoy juvenility. The hand that actually rocked the cradle is in the forefront and is propelling these young minds to join gyms and follow diets that is a synomon for starvation. All this in the name for looking “perfect”.

The present scenario of the young PYT is nothing but a little astounding. Plastic surgery is just a “perfect” option to attain that waxy look. The young girls all inspired by the Naomi Clarks and Hannah Montanas who are way older than the prescribed age are a catalyst for these girls to dress so innapropriately that it is sometimes appaling. It is perfectly alright if a certain girl is bulimic until and unless she is size 2 and can fit into clothes that can barely be called a long scarf. Do you actually need to make sure that your hair looks salon perfect? Do you need cakey make up when you attend school? Is it the age for these young girls to blow dry and iron their tresses everyday just because they do not have the desired look? Why is it that all girls are put into the rat race in the form of peer pressure. A girl has complete sanction from her parents if she needs a liposuction just because that teeny miny bit of flab would not go? That is what happens when there is too much of indulgence allowed by parents.

And what exactly is the rationale behind this maniacal thought process? What has actually driven these girls to experiment with nearly everything that can make their presence noticed? Firstly, the television industry and the international series where very deceptively older actresses inspire young girls. One cannot deny their influence. Girls idolise Selena Gomez and aim ambitiously to be someone they are not. Are we to blame the television for that? We obviously cannot. Secondly when these young girls hit adolescence, the rebel in them comes out. Experimentation is the new buzzword. And lastly why would we forget peer pressure. Peers drive these young girls beyond limits. What is necessary for the peer is to encourage and take out the best in you; not to penalise you by making a laughing stock out of you if you are dressed in the “wrong” manner. I totally believe in presenting oneself in a presentable way, but to go out of your way to dress up to impress the world is not feasible.

NO! It is not necessary to get a nose piercing just because it is “in fashion” these days. Why should any one stoop to the stigmas of fashion and redefine her stature just because some random “elitist” thinks that a certain way to dress is the only way to dress.

It is high time that the world wakes up to this. These young girls need to wake up to stand on their two feet and be independant. The need is to find the lost innocence of the young girl we still remember cycling away, chasing the winds, laughing away to eternal bliss. The need.


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