The Lyrical Beauty: The Lyricist’s Creation

Posted on September 25, 2010 in Media

By Vishnu Chada:

All the music lovers, stop a second to shift a bit of focus on the lyrics of songs, an integral part of many of us. Language is a great asset inherited to all of us. It is an invaluable intangible, mightier than the might. A beautiful song can be defined as: “Language coupled with content, flowing in a tune of a smooth river, with d beats of nature is a pleasure to live with.” The essence of music is the blend of tune & the semantic lines. After listening to a song in my regional language, I felt “how is that we feel something sometimes and can’t express but how is this that we listen to something expressed and start feeling something”. Once you are into some great songs, you tend to feel the vibrations, due to resonance… a rare feeling.

Hats off to all the writers!!

The thought process they go through & take us into is entirely a new dimension. It’s almost impossible for us to even think of making such elusive comparisons in their lyrics. Hearty thanks God, that you’ve created such talent to mesmerize us.

“A tear rolling out for a special reason is a great feeling”… Great songs do give them.

Do enjoy them and give due respect to the writers, which they are in due of.

Image is the cover of the song “Baby You Know The Deal” by “The Afternoons”