Volunteering For A Certificate? Here’s How To Do It Right

Posted on September 9, 2010 in Education

By Shivani Bhatnagar:

The first thing that pops into the mind of college students when they hear the words ‘community service’ or ‘volunteering’ is getting a ‘certificate’ which would add on to their resume and validate their participation in extra curricular activities (ECA). Thus, without truly wanting to bring about a change or whole heartedly working towards improving the society, they keep counting days and wishing for it to get over.

This attitude of the youth is not only wrong but also upsetting. Undertaking these responsibilities is completely voluntary and should be by personal desire. However, we do tend to get influenced by our peers and parents.

“Just because my friend filled the form to volunteer for the Commonwealth Games, I should too. What harm is it gonna do? Just a matter of 3 weeks. At least I’ll get a certificate of participation!”- How many of us must have thought about it?

Without gathering sufficient information on what’s in store, we grab the opportunity with both hands.

How to volunteer?

Personal evaluation is a must. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Choose a volunteering activity which would enhance your strengths and also work on mitigating your weaknesses. Choose the type of work and also the department purely on what interests you, keeping in mind time constraint, travel, workload etc. Also keep in mind what the organization is looking for. Select an organization which offers you your choice and then start working… oops! Start enjoying!

For example, a nature lover can work towards the betterment of the environment; an animal lover can work at animal shelters and other organizations catering to the needs of animals. If you are a good public speaker, then you can help in creating awareness and spreading the message across to the public whereas, if teaching is your passion, then providing education to the needy and under privileged is the apt choice for you.


Image: http://www.move.org.sg/