2500 Deprived Children Empowered by the Youth of Delhi

Posted on October 14, 2010 in Events

NEW DELHI, October 12, 2010– Over 700 young people will gather on the premises of Don Bosco School on October 17, 2010 for BALAKALAKAAR 2.0, which is being organized by the world’s largest youth run organization, AIESEC. Hosted annually, this pro-society event aims at empowering the underprivileged by recognizing the hostile environment they grow up and work in, by providing positive avenues to channelize their energies.

Delhi has an estimated 100000 to 500000 street children who are subject to miserable conditions with limited access to food, money and education. Many of them turn to dire alternatives like alcohol, drugs or prostitution to cope up with their misery. Their situations are often taken advantage of and the innocence of their age ceases to last for long. With India ranking among the countries where in the Exploitation of Children is considered to be the highest, AIESEC recognizes the need to initiate the change and encourages the urge to impact the youth by providing the children a platform to express themselves.

We envision to establish a sustainable change that they can benefit from. Balakalakaar 2.0 equips children with the resources to nurture and develop their talent further, thus acting like a platform where art is the medium of expression for the children. AIESEC has collaborated with various NGOs to make this a day worth reminiscence. The winners of various competitions will be provided training in their respective fields by esteemed institutions like National Institute of Fine Arts and National Ballet Academy.

This is also an opportunity for young people to challenge their preconceptions and opinions by becoming agents of a positive change. “AIESEC is a front runner in utilizing the entrepreneurial spirit of young people to drive development and sustainability. We will capture some of that spirit, equipping young people across Delhi to create positive change in the society.

Be there to witness the magic unfold and do your bit to wipe the frowns and replace them with smiles on these children of a lesser god. Individuals who want to help make a difference can register themselves at’ AIESEC in Delhi IIT —Balakalakaar 2010’ group on Facebook.

Venue: Don Bosco School, New Delhi

Date: October 17th, 2010