Administering Development – The Sooner, The Better

Posted on October 25, 2010 in Specials

By P. Asha Ritu:

Development administration is action-oriented, goal oriented planning process that aims to create a welfare state with the help of the governing authorizes of the state. The emphasis in development administration is more on individual performances which makes it more efficient and economical in nature. Development administration in India follows a rigid structure of hierarchy which is both authoritarian and strict in nature. But now, it is faced by innumerable changes and must evolve continuously. Development administration is also called as a ‘change strategy’ since it is a measure that involves the State and the individuals of the State. It aims at utilizing existing resources and also at creating new resources. Since development administration is a goal-oriented process, it is very much concerned with the end results, which is again a plus point for any State.

But in this ever-changing world which is guided by globalization and privatization, the role of development administration in India seems to be declining. With every sector being privatized, fewer options are available for the State to take independent control of. One major setback which must be soon looked into is the losing grip of the State in the public service sectors like education, health etc. it is very important that the State does not let go of the control over these sectors.

Although globalization and privatization are a source of quick money for the State, it must be remembered that welfare of the masses may not necessarily depend on these. In spite of development and progress as a nation, India still shows high percentage of illiteracy and unemployment. This clearly indicates that globalization and privatization are not the magic words to help the State achieve a successful ‘Welfare State’. Thus it is very important that the State maintains a balance between its trade policies and public investments. Following the mixed economy model in its true meaning is the need of the hour.

The State must also ensure that each developmental activity has a strong executable plan with clear priorities and effective implementation. Care must also be taken to formulate separate rural and urban plans so that both the sectors can be given equal importance in terms of time and money. Development administration calls for quick action and quicker thoughts. The absolute need of the hour — administer the development!

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