Ashes From My “Happily Ever After”

Posted on October 19, 2010 in Society

By Naina Gulati:

I shouldn’t have opened that box
In which I left his shiny rocks
And the ring which said “till death do us apart”
It brought back the memories which weren’t bitter from the start
As I closed my eyes
My heart sighed
His face had the same glow
He was so tender & slow
He used to talk like a gentleman
And was envied by other men
After the end of that summer ball
He found me wandering alone in the hall
It all started with that little chat
Never knew what we will end up at
He used to take me to different places and tell their history
While I just used to nod and think about our story
That summer he bent on his knees
And swept me off my feet
For the wedding, everything was set
It was picture perfect
Earlier I just accepted his proposal
But the ring made it all official
I felt now that we are together
This marriage will last forever
We were living happily in a house by the lake
Till I made that careless mistake
While baking the chocolate cake
I wasn’t sure how much time it will take
So I thought I will keep a check on it
But in a while I heard him cry “DARN IT”
As soon as I heard him scream
I ran to him leaving dry clothes in the washing machine
He was standing next to the oven with a fire extinguisher
I had never seen him in so much anger
I felt so careless and had nothing to say
And then suddenly he threw that fire extinguisher my way
The next thing I knew was that I was in bed
And a doctor was sitting next to me, prescribing meds
The doctor told me to be more careful while walking down the stairs
And my husband was trying to show how much he cared
I thought that it was my fault and kept quite
Recovered soon with the help of meds and a healthy diet
After that incident I could feel that he wasn’t the same man
And only treated me well to show others that he’s a gentleman
People told me to leave him
No one understood how much I loved him
But in reality the fairytale illusion blinded me
And his cruelty towards me made me see
The truth which was hard to accept
But I had no other option left
I was tired of acting to be his wife
And it was time for me to live my life
So I packed my bags & picked up my coat
Left him a ‘Goodbye Note’
Before leaving I looked around for memories I could gather
But all I could see were the ashes of ‘happily ever after’.

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