Download the Youth Ki Awaaz Google Chrome Extension (Add-on) And Stay Updated While You Browse

Posted on October 28, 2010 in Events

Tired of visiting website again and again to grab your daily news and views dose? Youth Ki Awaaz has now come out with a Google Chrome Extension for all those who use the Chrome browser. An extension or an add-on is a small icon that is added to your browser and can take care of your news and views needs at just a click of a button. If you are a Google Chrome user then below is the visual presentation of how to go about installing and using this add-on. [Download here].

1) Visit our Extension install page here and click on the blue “Install” button.

Click on the Install button (indicated in red here)

2) A small window will pop-up. Just click on “Install” as indicated below:

Click on the "Install" Button (As indicated in red here)

3) THAT’S IT! Your browser will pop-out a small window which will indicate that the extension has been installed:

A box will pop out, same as above, indicating that the plugin has been installed.

The plugin will look like the pop-up below. No matter which website you are on, you can always stay updated with the latest news and views from

The Add-on will look like this and will get you the latest news and views from