Growth Of Technology: How Things Really Changed For Us

Posted on October 16, 2010 in Specials

By Sandhya Nag:

Banks are being computerized. Petrol banks are going to be completely machine-handled in a few years. The internet is one big hub of information. Friends are never too far away. Anybody anywhere can be reached with just a call, text or mail. You can travel miles in such short time, which was just not possible before.

You need to just go to one mall where everything is available under one roof. Hungry? Walk into any of the ten-odd fast-food joints available right across the street.

Ill-health not permitting you to get the latest book released? Use Flipkart. Online movie booking, ticket booking and a plethora of options online.

Social networking is one thing I need not even talk about. You want video calling services, you have the iPhone 4.

Motion sensing, face recognition, smile recognition, lighting effects, multi-tasking, retina display, you name it, we have it.

According to me, when life is made so much easier with all this technology, it’s basically a blessing in disguise. We can achieve so much more than what the previous generations did.

We don’t have to worry about spending hours doing laundry work, or domestic work. We have machines. Even communication is super-fast and reliable. All we’ve to do is pick up our thing in life, pick up the basics already done in the field, and go ahead and make breakthroughs in our respective fields.

To learn from Newton, “We really can see way ahead than the previous gen, because we’re standing on the shoulders of giants.”

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