Heading The Journey Of Help: Giving A Purpose To Life

Posted on October 25, 2010 in Society

By Ajay Rana:

Life is a miracle. Nobody knows why there is genesis and ends of life and for what purpose we are here. Human has dominated this world to such an extent no other species would have dominated this planet in the past, eating away all the available resources to a dead end extinct. The human population has geared its dominance with a rapid pace breaking the ecosystem and biotic laws meant for survival of life on earth. Everyone wakes up in the morning and starts to prepare and go for the two ends meet. All the people have become self-centered caring for themselves only and not a little bit for the other people around them. Is it the meaning of life and our existence on earth? Are we here to survive only even when we have luxurious amenities to read, write, do and express? Not at all.

For our materialistic longings, we work very hard day to day to fulfill the desires. There are several examples of bountiful rich people who bring wealth and desirable amenities by toiling very hard. This happiness is frivolous and lives for a very short period. The long term happiness embraces us when we do something for others who remember us in their life time. We come across so many people with problems everyday when we are in the course of our work and we can come to their help in some way or the other.

There are people who side by side work for the welfare of the society along with building their own career. A real example is a 13 year old girl of IX standard named Shiloh from Tamil Nadu who is involved with Indian Development Foundation. IDF is a leading national NGO committed to Health, Education and Development. She has shown the signs of a responsible citizen in leading the mass awareness about Leprosy and Tuberculosis through IDF and her parents are also involved in educating the children from poor families though they belong to middle class people. N. Krishnan, a selfless guy dedicated his life to feeding the hungry and poor people of Madurai. Mukti Dutta is an example of a brave lady who has changed the lives of women in Kumaun region of North India. She has given employment to women from an entire region. Confident women, well dressed, boarding buses from home to weaving centers and then back home in evening is very common sight these days. You can become one of such helping hands empowering the lives of other people.

Divinely, I have come across a few holy souls involved in helping poor people for no recognition at all. In the extreme shivering night in winter seasons of Lucknow, the homeless people and rickshaw pullers in the streets half naked at 100C temperature were provided with blankets by unknown messengers coming out of car!

Help is the sign of leaders and is what need of the time for helping the needy people. Direct helps has advantage that it curtails the involvement of mediators who irresponsibly indulge in corruption if food and money is going to reach the needy ones. This is also a great opportunity for the youth to be accoladed with rewards for their leadership qualities they execute with their hands. There are many examples social workers and organizations involved in such activities.

Indirectly we can come to help by giving donations to several national and international NGOs involved in welfare of society like UNESCO, UNICEF, CRY, CINI, HelpAge India and Department of rural development, or even better, volunteering our time for them. This is also an equivalent help and equally appreciable.

Always remember: Help begets help.

Image courtesy: http://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/Jobs%2B&%2BCareers/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=1993&repositoryName=www.youthcentral&CurrentFolderID=1966&ItemID=11659