Inspiring, Entertaining, Must Watch: Coach Carter

Posted on October 27, 2010 in Media

By Shashank Saurav:

A number of movies are made every year which talk about the youth, but Coach Carter is a legendary movie that aims at motivating young people and is centered all around them. It highlights the trials and tribulations that the younger generation faces and at the same time shows how to exorcise these evils. It is vital that the teenagers first get their lives straight and then think about the problems concerning the society.

Released in the year 2005, Coach Carter is a nonpareil movie in the motivating & entertaining genre, if there is one. The film based on a true story deals with a boys’ high school basketball team that suffers with a severe attitude problem. The Richmond High School is one of the worst schools in the area, both academically and otherwise and none of the team members is serious about basketball leave alone studies.

In comes Ken Carter who was himself a graduate from this school. He is an all American and is revered in the sporting circle. He is requested to take the coaching position and improve the dismal performance of the pathetic team. However after accepting he realizes that more than skills, the players lack the right temperament and attitude for playing something as dignifying as basketball. Rather than concentrating on performance, the players are simply involved in self-absolved ranting. Infighting is another issue that he has to deal with. But not one to give up, Carter not only enforces strict regulations, but also increases the number of training sessions. The players also sign a contract requiring them to maintain a GPA of 2.3. In his words these kids are ‘student-athletes’, hence it is essential that both studies and basketball go hand in hand.

Players suffer from their individual problems like lugubrious home environment, drug addiction and the usual teenage issues. However awed and inspired by Coach Carter’s methodology and guidance, they begin to perform on court. But as is the case with most young athletes they are unable to cope with their study, which heavily disappoints and frustrates Carter. When the players are unable to maintain their side of the contract he closes the gym, for which he is condemned by the community, which is now backing the seemingly insuperable team. Pandemonium ensues leading to the players taking matters in their own hands with noteworthy maturity and responsibility.

The film should be seen by one and all, especially college kids and teachers. It is different from other motivating sports’ movies like Remember the Titans and Chak de India because of its memorable dialogues and individual characterization. It is entertaining because of the thrilling basketball action on court and enthralling altercations and drama off it. Enjoy the movie like a full course dinner with different flavors covering each aspect of human emotion.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz and also a student of BITS Pilani – Goa Campus.