Little Wonders Of Technology: 3 Awesome Tech Innovations That Solve Life

Posted on October 28, 2010 in Sci-Tech

By Anaum Riaz:

Ever since the beginning, humans are trying to invent new things to make life easier. And so the journey began from that first day and continues till today.

As I surfed the net for a background of the topic that I will take up today, I came across a lot of small devices that I never knew existed! So I took my time out to have a read about all these gadgets. I have picked three devices that I think are most interesting and useful according to me.

Here we go! Enjoy the ride in science…

1) Eco Friendly Battery!!

Prof. Yair Ein-Eli shows the eco-friendly battery

Cars run on petrol. But fuel rates are topping the sky. So do we leave cars? The mere thought of walking all the way to school makes me sweat! Well, fret not, for science has come to the rescue.

Researchers from the Technion – Israel Institute of Science developed a battery that can power different devices for thousands of hours (or to be precise around 6000 hours!!) That makes it around more than 10 months! But that’s not the beauty of the device. The astonishing thing about this device is that it uses a non-polluting fuel source and reverts back to sand as soon as it’s over –meaning no pollution!

After carrying a lot of tests they found out that even after 600 hours, the battery used only 10 percent of its capacity, which means that a fully charged green battery could function for 6,000 hours. This battery is currently used to power small devices but scientists hope that in the near future this battery will be able to power laptops as well.

Now that’s technology!

2) Solar Cells Thinner Than Human Hair

Solar Cell thinner than hair

The solar cells we see at the top of houses or on roofs have a width of around a foot or two. But the latest solar cells developed are thinner than our hair and have the conversion efficiency of 22.8%, the greatest so far on record. And unlike the normal solar cells they have a thickness of around 58 micrometers. Not only is that great but its cost is estimated to be 25% lower than the normal price of solar cells.

This is how technology will help us in future!

3) The Phone Locater

Now to the last device I found and the best! I literally had to hold my chair from falling back. Let’s start by asking ourselves a question. How often is it that we have lost our cell phones? Or misplaced them somewhere we can’t find them?  The answer to all this is ‘a lot’. Or at least it happens to me a lot. And the worst part is that you can’t find it by calling yourself if it’s on silent mode (which it usually is on).

Well problem solved! A new gadget is invented that looks like a wristwatch but acts as a dock for a detachable mobile phone. A proximity censor is present in it that starts beeping or emitting notes if the distance between the cell and wristband-type-gadget is too much. It can also locate your cell phone by just a press of a button! But that’s not all, it can also detect nearby contacts using the same device, letting you set your privacy and location details.

Above mentioned are a few latest technological advancements that can not only help a few but the world as a whole. I can finish my article now but there is one more device that I really want to write about.

It’s called the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor.

Now instead of throwing paper waste in dustbins, all we have to do is to feed the paper in this gadget and what comes out is a … PENCIL! Yes, I am not joking, a real pencil comes out of this thing. I mean isn’t it just amazing? A pencil for rough paper.

Paper goes in from one end and come out shaped like a writing tool THAT ACTUALLY WRITES! The materials required by this gadget are readily available and cheap as well as Pencil lead, electrical power and glue are the only other things that it requires.

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