The Seabird: Mozilla’s ‘Trick’ Prick [Features, Photos and Video]

Posted on October 24, 2010 in Sci-Tech

By Pallavi Murthy:

It was a fine Saturday morning 10:30a.m., I was busy preparing for an exam when my group of friends suddenly came to my room to persuade me to go out for lunch with them. I told them that I had a busy schedule for the coming week. I had an exam in one of the tough subjects, had to complete writing the record, give a seminar on the most boring topic, give a project review, organize an event in the national level technical fest for which I had to run around to arrange for a projector and also complete a few other assignments.

On hearing this one of my friend, Sakshi said, “Mozilla’s seabird phone concept would be the most useful one for Pallavi”.  Curiously we all asked her about the Mozilla’s seabird phone concept. To this she said, “Oh, you girls know about it? Well let me tell you. Seabird is a concept created by Billy May, a Mozilla Labs community member. It is his first throw away concept. The Mozilla Seabird is an experiment in how users could interact with their mobile content as devices and technology advances. The Seabird introduces a few possibilities into how user interaction might evolve with the advancing motion capture and projector driven innovation in the market. The Seabird envisions how a multiple use dongle might boost the crowded signal interface with greater precision and direct manipulation of content in 3D space. The novelty in the seabird is the use of dual Pico projectors on the side of the handset, which can provide different functionality based on the phone’s orientation.

The Infrared touch pad

When kept flat on a table they project the two halves of a QWERTY keyboard and when kept on a dock they offer the dual purpose of a large viewing screen above and a seamless projected keyboard below. Its vertical posture aims at providing a sense of poise while its flat orthodoxy to the hand resolves that with the user’s desire for digital control.  The functional role of the curvature of the back is to elevate the projector lens elements when lying flat. The other features include wireless charging, 8 mega pixel camera, 3.5 mm audio jack, a mini USB port and Bluetooth headset. Though these features are somewhat less practical but they surely are captivating. For more details about this concept you can visit their site

The projector function in the Mozilla Seabird

We were all so excited about it and started discussing about how advantageous it would be for each one of us if only we would own this concept series. The first thing that struck my mind when I heard of it was that had I owned a Mozilla Seabird right now I would not have to run around to arrange for a projector to organize my event in the national level technical fest. Some others were excited about its wireless charging concept and of course its 8 mega pixel camera. Just then Sakshi interrupted our discussions and told us not to get too excited about it as Mozilla has no plans to produce this or any phone. It is just a 3D render. We were all disappointed but still have hopes that one fine day we would have this concept in our pocket. As they say nothing in this world is impossible. So let’s just hope for the best.

Check out the video demonstration below or click here.