The Unexpected Cadence: Ray Of Hope In Darkness

Posted on October 14, 2010 in Health and Life

By Rishika Jalali:

A soulful melancholy is all what we desire, that one force or factor that coerces us to aspire for what we were made. It’s inside of us and we just don’t know it. We strive, we struggle, and we endeavor and get exhausted of our own will to endure.

This unexpected change in life leaves us flabbergasted, dumbfound. All the reasons for living through this life have now vanished. It’s like the endless girth of the sea, the soaring stature of the skies; everything seems unattainable, the sense of a new hope dies and promises to never return.

But then, who says life takes a halt when you think it’s all’s finished, it starts from the very point where u left it. It is for wrench like these that we stand and see our life so diluted; it is like a wall that has been built around you and you can’t seem to break free. And then there comes a time of self realization and understanding of one’s own will to endure and that is the most stabilizing part of one’s life, because you now know that life can not be seen through rose colored glasses, the stanch reality is visible with naked eyes and the courage to except it empowers your mind.

Unexpected hope begins to grow like an oasis in the desert. It’s like a shaft of interminable light that channels you to your definitive goal. All what was deceased inside begins to rejuvenate all elements that had wrecked up in you and make an effort of a new life.
This unexpected facet that has given a different meaning to life is all what we are looking for. What goes around comes around; the unexpected is the underlying stanch of life which we will experience every time we think it’s come to an end.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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