These Are The Moments To Live

Posted on October 18, 2010 in Health and Life

By Rishika Jalali:

These days, we have transformed from human beings to androids. We work 24*7 and get so involved in our web of goals and achievements, choose to ignore the basic fundamentals of living life. We strive for a single happy moment, and yet when it passes us, we ignore it with wide eyes open.

Happiness can be found in the slightest of possibilities that we choose to overlook. A drop of fresh morning dew, the first smell of the rain and the wet mud, a small thank you card, a peck on the head, a pat on the back, the constant support no matter how far you reach in life, a little wink explaining a life time’s contentment; one should live for moments like these and remember them whenever a black cloud of sadness takes over. They pull you out of the most miserable and abject situations. Grab a balloon for the child on the street, smile at an old weary woman in the park, give those 10 bucks that you spend on an ice cream or cold drink or anything to a man who hasn’t even smelled proper food in weeks. That’s what makes normal life a happy life. Give happiness, give faith to people who think life is nothing but a curse, pray for a happy moment with them, and stand with them when no one would be ready to stain their hypothetical social status. That’s what life can be, if we want it to be like that.

Sadly, the life in words here and the life that we live in are totally different. We have the power to make it this exact same way, but we utilize that power in utterly disgraceful things. We would bound ourselves with religion and caste, color and creed, the rich and poor, draw lines between countries, ready to kill on an order, not even considering if the person in front is as innocent as you are.

Yes, not every feeling is good, but you can only experience the true flavor of a sweet dish once you have tasted the bitter ones.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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