Tips For A Happily Ever After

Posted on October 27, 2010 in Specials

By Divya Gupta:

What are the parameters underlying a successful, healthy and loving relationship? Human beings form relationships with numerous other people in a wide variety of ways. But how many of them succeed and how many fail? Despite striving for a perfectly happy life and working towards it in the process we tend to fail. And this creates problems, tensions and an unhealthy environment in and around us. Good relationships in all areas of our lives are essential to our physical and emotional wellbeing but we seem to have more trouble than ever achieving them. We may be in a good relationship but being in a fulfilling one is more often than not a rare finding these days. It is strange that the subtle quirks that you liked so much about him/her have become so annoying. The result: broken hearts, pain and–not to forget– the high rates of divorce. Where does the fault lie and what are the tentative solutions?

First let’s look at the problems that ail our relationships. To begin with, it could be lack of communication, no time for each other, infidelity, lack of emotional bonding and expressiveness, taking each other for granted. They could also range from small arguments regarding irrelevant issues to big fights which may devastate both the parties involved. Lack of trust, unfulfilled sexual desires and so on and so forth. These and many more such tribulations cause cracks in the foundations of relationships and once they form they are almost irreparable.

So what should be done to avoid these cracks from developing and dwelling in our otherwise blissful relation? Counselors and relationship experts across the globe have come up with many ways to maintain these precious relationships. Here are some simple tips to keep your relationship going strong and working:

  • Spending quality time with each other, otherwise it won’t survive.
  • Maintaining the dependence- independence balance. Don’t feel trapped yourself and don’t allow the other person to feel so too.
  • Show affection through simple gestures like hugs, holding hands etc. they will go a long way.
  • Without proper communication a relationship can never thrive. So listen and understand
  • Acceptance is the key. We have to learn to understand that change is a constant process. So adapting and accepting is a part of life.
  • Become friends first. It enhances your comfort level and provides a strong basis for the future.
  • Never ever take your partner for granted. It will be lethal for your relationship.
  • Don’t punish your partner, rather sit and talk it out.
  • Be honest with yourself and the person you are with. Trust equally, but not blindly.
  • A healthy relationship has a key element of mutual respect for one another. Its okay to disagree but you must respect each others opinions and differences.

I m no relationship expert and the future of your relations is largely in your hands. Arguments and unnecessary misunderstandings erode self confidence, making it not feel good when around each other. It’s prudent to learn and understand what freaks the other or makes them tickle with happiness if you want to have a pleasurable and fulfilling relationship. Its aint any cakewalk!

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