Value Of Love and Relationships

Posted on October 30, 2010 in Specials

By Asim Ashirbad Mishra:

Living in the era of globalization, modernization and technical evolution! There are a plethora of questions we face everyday. A beautiful answer to them all could be love and our relationships with people arounf us. Yes, believe me. Suppose your alarm is ringing in the morning for three minutes but you are in such a deep sleep that you can’t hear it, who is waking you up? Your wife or mother or father or friend whom so ever living with you. In the morning when you see delicious fruit salad or bread and butter in dining table, how do you feel? Your mind get delighted and you become happy.

So who makes breakfast for you. Again the answer is somebody related to you, somebody who loves you, somebody who cares for you. Similarly each and everything is directly related to relationship and true relationship comes from love. Noted writer Paulo Coelho once said “Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World”. Imagine how powerful love is!  Yes really if you think very simple things in life then you can experience the power of love and relationship. The best example for each of us is our parents, who have given us birth, took care of us and let us come to this stage. You may be agree with me or not but for most of us, our parents are the most lovable in this world. From the power of their love and affection comes blessings and from blessings generates positive energy and from positive energy anything produces becomes truly successful.

This matter of love and relationship is not new. There are ample of examples of love and relationships in our culture. Take the example of Ram, Sita and Dasrath, Take the example of Arjun and Krishna or mata Kunti and her five sons ( The Pandavas) or Sabititri and Satyaban or Laila and Majnu ; you will see everywhere the power of true love and relationship. A son(Ram) and the future king of a great kingdom left everything because of the promise to the father. How great was the relationship between a father and a son! Think about Sita, how much she loved his husband!  Similarly consider the example of Kunti and her sons, what a beautiful example of love! Five men accepted one woman as their wife without any hesitation. Similarly think the love between Liala and Majnu, what a great instance of love! This is the power of love and relationship which makes anybody eternal, which can stand anybody as an example for others.

But consider today’s scenario, how the world has become! In fact when you open a newspaper in the early morning or when you switch on your T.V for watching news of the day then you will found a lot of example of murder, suicide, rape and abuse. Why all this happening? Murder is happening because of cheating, lie or any other kind of enmity, Suicide is happening because of failure, betray or anything related to falsity. The main reason behind this is lack of true love and good relationship.  The lack of true love and relationship creates jealousy, betrayal, enmity, fraud and false promises which in terms creates numerous antisocial activities.

It is the time to think that in today’s scenario world has become a global village. There is no distinction, no barriers and no restrictions. An Indian is going to US and a Japanese going to Africa, living there, sharing with the Africans in all respect like sharing each other’s culture, traditions, practices etc.  Countries are doing trading with each other. The whole world is in a process of exchanging technology, currency, ideas, Innovations and discoveries. We are all dependent on each other. In other terms now a day it is very essential for us to live with each other with great harmony and co-operation, with true love and spirit bearing good relationship with each other. Otherwise it will become devastation to us. From our ancient past to this 21st century when there comes bad relationship or lack of love there you will see devastation.  See the simple example, India and Pakistan are not been in good relationship since Independence, you all know  how many wars we have already fought and what those wars have given to us, Loss of so many lives, money, time and energy. Similar is case of Israeli and Palestine. Similarly you think why so many divorces are happening now a day, why children are not looking after to their old parents, all because of lack of love and true relationship.

So it is the time for us to think that how can we live in a better world, a world where everybody can live in peace, prosperity and happiness  then we have to maintain good relationship with each other, we have to love each other. There is nothing bad in loving and to maintain good relationship with each other, rather it always gives sweet result. I like the most popular phrase of Sathya Sai Baba “Love all. Serve all”.  We should follow this saying and work accordingly to live our life wonderfully.