Volkswagen Vento Is Serious Business! [Head Turner]

Posted on October 1, 2010 in Specials

By Varun Sharma:

Some people like to do it in style and that was what Volkswagen had in mind while giving the nod for the audio advertisement campaign for its new sedan, Volkswagen Vento, which took the readers of The Times of India and The Hindu by surprise on 21st of September. While police had a hard time attending calls from some terrified readers, Volkswagen was prized with the eye balls they were looking for.

Vento is the latest offering from the German auto-giant and this time they mean serious business. Volkswagen has made clear that Vento will lock horns with Honda City. The market is already buzzing with comparisons between the contender and the defending champion. While some argue that Volkswagen will zoom ahead of Honda as the prior has a diesel variant in offering, others say Volkswagen will not be able to break the jinx of the City as the latter has a strong market presence from time immemorial.

Talking of numbers, Vento is priced between 7, 02,883 to 9, 28,631 (Ex- showroom price- Delhi), and is positioned in the premium category — same as Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen has introduced 5 variants in all. Trend line is the base model and Highline, as the name suggests, is high end model.

Driver & co-driver airbags, Front disk brakes, ABS, front and rear fog lights, anti-theft system with interior surveillance, CD player MP3… the list of features doesn’t seem to end. The green tainted heat absorbing glass takes care of the heat outside. Suspension is another region where Volkswagen scores ahead.

Special attention has been given to the looks and styling of the sedan. Sophistication hasn’t been compromised while attending to the heart stealing sporty looks. It will surely get you all the desired attention. The interiors are as pleasing as the exteriors. The dashboard is well taken care of and will be one of the first things to catch your attention when you step inside. Huge storage space on the dashboard can accommodate your magazines and office files leaving enough space for the other essentials.

Speaking of power and speed, 1.6 L petrol (or diesel engine) satisfies all your cravings for that adrenaline rush. With a top speed of around 185 km/h, Vento is a beast in itself.

In Trend line variants, Vento is available in candy white and flash red. Highline offers a wide range of colors starting from silver metallic, blue metallic, beige metallic and black pearl.

The jigsaw cannot be completed without considering the most important factor for Indian buyers i.e. the good old mileage.

The petrol variant gives 11.2 kmpl on the crowded city roads and 15.8 kmpl on the highways while the diesel counterpart provides with 15.8 kmpl on the city lanes and 20.5 kmpl on the highways.

The things that can keep the heads turning back can be the absence of Bluetooth connectivity and Steering controls. Everything said and heard, let’s leave the final testimony to the masters, i.e. the customers.

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