When Will We Move Beyond The Conventional Courses?

Posted on October 11, 2010 in Education

By Dishi Solanki:

(Flashback after 12th)

Me: Dad I want to do MBA and I think engineering isn’t my cup of tea. Having scored miserable marks in higher secondary I can no more deal with P (Physics) C (Chemistry) M (Maths). Let me choose commerce side and I would surely fair better.

Dad: Are you nuts?!? An engineer’s daughter choosing some futile commerce field sounds lame. You have to make your career in engineering because all our relatives have done that and your caliber is much more than a commerce graduate.

The discussion ended that very moment. In every student’s life comes a time when finally the secondary schooling phase comes to an end. But with this end comes endless confusing options in the form of science, commerce or arts fields. I am sure that every dad an engineer, doctor or a businessman would wish his child to follow his footsteps and continue the legacy. And they are pretty right at their place. But at the end it is the child who should have the ultimate power to choose his/her career of interest because to bloom in a certain area – interest in that field is extremely important. In India, a student opting for a science field consisting of engineering or medical knowledge brings every parent a sense of pride sidelining commerce and arts right away. Why does every Indian parent act hungry to stick a shining star to their lives by pushing their children toward the careers that are “extremely hot”? Many movies like Udaan and 3 Idiots have raised the same issue which every Indian applauds on screen but does not preach the same off screen.

Unlike India, students abroad expose themselves to boundless career options be it in journalism, sociology or something as interesting as Slavic languages and literature. While engineers, doctors, lawyers still command a lot of respect, there are many other career options in front of students these days. Careers in the field of Life Management, Adventure Sports Management, Fashion Photography, Food Reviewing, Coffee Tasting, Gaming, etc are worth a try and are well rewarding. Most of the people wouldn’t have known or heard about these careers in school, nor are they greatly encouraged by parents and teachers – yet they are gaining immense popularity.

Such unconventional jobs are mostly taken up by people who have the courage to follow their hearts. The experts in their fields are much in demand. The list of penning down such day to day careers may never end but unfortunately we still follow that a majority of us follow the herd mindlessly.


Today I am extremely happy to chosen the field of my choice, and the strong pillar to support me in this decision have been my parents. I hope and pray that every parent would act the same way providing their child with the freedom to hop on to the career of their choice – and help them along the way.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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