Youth Choosing Alternative Careers Over Regular Ones

Posted on October 31, 2010 in Alternative Careers

By Varun Sharma:

When was the last time you mused about something which you wanted to do in your life but never took the plunge? Something full of uncertainty but as powerful as a teenage attraction? Something on which you, if not succeed but at least, wanted to get your hands dirty. Something for which the love of doing would have been greater than the taste of success.

Ask to the crowd around you and plenty of hands would come up. People occupying respectable chairs in the society and doing well with their lives yearning to time travel and attend to the un-attended. It can be as simple as following your love for writing or as serious as starting a business venture or it can as well be following the glitch of your mind.

With the changing times, the mindsets are also changing. Heavy pay packets are losing their sheen and are being replaced by the heart whispers. The change isn’t gigantic but is worth noticing. People are ditching dreams jobs at big companies for chasing their laughed on passions. The reason to this sudden change of heart can be attributed to a chase for something which goes beyond the usual money love. Passion, zeal or we can say any pure emotion which gives such people the push to walk the unknown boulevards.

Recently, there has been a trend sweeping the young lads who are happily brushing aside their lucrative placement offers to nurture the business idea budding in their minds. Many students of IIM’s and other highly acclaimed B-schools no longer want to be the part of Infosys or HUL but rather love to create one from the scratch. Year 2006 noticed the first waves when nine students, including the batch topper, of IIM- Ahmadabad opted out of their placement program to follow their wild dream of being their own bosses.

This sudden found courage comes from the wide availability of opportunities in shining India. Easy availability of funds for new businesses, rising income levels and huge customer base makes India the land of hidden entrepreneurial treasure. Global exposure through media and internet has opened the gateways for untapped knowledge. The youth of today is better informed and have new horizons in front of them.

At other levels also, people are experimenting with new career options like digital media, animations and film making after dumping the once all time favorite MBBS and engineering. Choosing a career keeping your interests in mind is now considered a better option than running after courses which promise employment opportunities at present but will soon lose its sheen when market takes a U-turn. The trend is fast catching up in rural areas as well, all credit to the new age tools of internet through which anything can be unearthed.

It has been noticed that a large proportion of the unemployment exists because of the burden on some limited fields of study. The trend of alternative career options will also help to tackle the unemployment demon. Now that the unconventional is catching the eye of the masses, it seems that there is no turning back.

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