Gunda Raj To Vikas Raj

Posted on November 29, 2010 in Politics

By Rajan Kalsotra:

As the Bihar 2010 elections came to an end with a landslide victory of NDA (JDU+ BJP), NDA secured 206 seats in an assembly of 243 seats. In the history of Indian politics, never has there been a single instance when any party got this type of majority. Only in 1951 congress won 237 seats out of 276 seats in Bihar. Bihar has very vital role in the history of Indian politics as one of the most important movements in our history, popularly known as the JP movement, which has brought change in the functioning of our politics, started first on the soil of Bihar only. All the leaders whom we see today in the different political parties except congress evolved during JP movement and one of them were Lalu Prasad Yadav. Lalu Yadav came in the limelight during the JP movement. He was seen as a mass leader and the messiah for the backward classes. Finally he becomes the chief minister of Bihar in 1990 by playing caste-based politics.

For a period of 15 years his party was in power in Bihar and Bihar became one of the ,ost backward states of India. In his tenure, looting and kidnapping became usual. There was no law prevailing in the state of Bihar. People were no longer feeling safe in their own homes. Education system got ruined, roads were pathetic and corruption was present in each and every sphere of the society. Bihar’s image had taken a major setback during his tenure, as someone said” Bihar is a sewer of India”, it was seen as a stain in the image of the rising India. Being a Bihari is automatically causes people from other places to look down upon one and the people, especially the labour class, who went to other parts of India in search of work were treated badly due to the tag of being a Bihari. Then in 2005, by God’s grace and the people of Bihar, who were determined to bring a change in Bihar, there came an end of Gunda Raj after 15 long years.

Then NDA (JDU+ BJP) came in 2005 with absolute majority in the assembly of Bihar with a captain named Nitish Kumar who was determined to bring change in Bihar. Huge development took place in the state during 2005-2010. The most important thing that happened after 2005 was that the law and order comes into existence. Now women can easily roam in the night without any fear, somehow corruption also gets eroded up to some extent; people started showing faith in the political system which was almost dead in the Lalu Yadav government. Now one can find smooth roads all over the Bihar, education system also got better. There are still a number of challenges lying ahead for NDA government. in Bihar, the real test of NDA starts now as they have to build the power plants for generating electricity which is most important thing for the development of any state, build the infrastructure, build more educational institutions and create job opportunities for the people of Bihar. So, now we all hope that Vikas Raj will prevail not only in Bihar but in other parts of the country also.