Hi-tech Phone Wars Wreck Simplicity In Life

Posted on November 12, 2010 in Sci-Tech

By Drishti Chhibber:

Tom Cruise may have fought outer space beings in his hit flick ‘War Of The World’ but when it comes to choosing a cell phone even his mind is likely to be boggled. The phone telecom market is flooded with options these days. Almost every day a new phone is launched and by the next month, its updated version.

“Life was so much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits”, this interesting quote on a message t-shirt caught my eye the other day. And how apt it is in our times! Apple and Blackberry are the two big bosses of the phone industry and the rest below them. Owning either of them almost boosts reputation amid one’s acquaintances. Earlier, only businessmen used Blackberry for official purposes. The Vodafone Blackberry Ad where suited businessmen are singing “we’re the blackberry boys” and everyone else joins in actually depicts reality. Nowadays everyone vies for a Blackberry as it is more of a status symbol now. It’s pretty much the same with Apple. Now that Apple has launched its 4G model people are going gaga.

Then of course there are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Videocon, Spice, Windows, Motorola and the list is never ending. Every phone with almost the same features tries to cash in on the fame of celebrities from the film industry. Nokia boasts of being Priyanka’s favorite phone, Samsung is Aamir’s beat of life, Motorola is AB Baby’s phone and there are many more stars endorsing different brands.

How I miss those days when phone’s main job was to just make calls and I didn’t have to worry about my phone ruining my image in college and not fight over who had better camera, memory, net connectivity and music player. Cells may have placed the whole world in our hands but it’s more of a problem. I still like some things to be slow paced in my life. So touch screen vs. QWERTY keyboard? I don’t care who wins the war. Give me my simple life back.