The Chemistry Behind Being Effective And Leaving An Impression

Posted on November 17, 2010 in Specials

By Anurag Butoliya:

I have always felt that we humans have an inherent tendency to make simple things look complex. When I see businesses ranging from image consulting to makeovers; dating service to business etiquettes flourishing one finds that we have segmented the widespread perspectives into smaller and singular details. Impression is one such singular thing that everyone finds affection with. If one types just “How” in the Google search, one finds “How to impress a girl” as one of the suggestions. Thus impressing a girl is one of the most searched keyword. Needless to say it is an issue which the human population finds elusive and enigmatic. Thus impression gains proportions of unprecedented magnitude in our country where ostentatious display of wealth in the general perception is regarded as one of the cornerstone of impression, fame and influence. But I have seen some people with money, failing miserably in garnering an impression, and found some others, who despite belonging to modest backgrounds make a long lasting impression. One thing is clear: Money alone cannot impress anyone.  I came across another word while I was thinking about the ways and means by which I could deduct a logical and convincing explanation to the whole idea of having a good impression, the word was “effectiveness”. When one thinks about these two words simultaneously one can easily see the fine thread that runs between the two. The connection becomes clear and pellucid when one does a meticulous analysis of what goes in for making an effective person. Here is a small analysis.

To become effective one needs ABCDE. It is not an acronym for anything but it symbolizes the five pillars on which a building of effectiveness would stand.

‘A’ stands for appearance. By appearance I don’t mean good looks; rather an appearance that makes one presentable. It is about having an appearance that people would appreciate or even envy. It is not about how one looks but it’s about how one carries them.

‘B’ stands for Bank Balance. Bank Balance doesn’t mean having very deep pockets but having pockets to the extent that one is able to take care of himself. The concept of bank balance becomes even more important in the context of “Great Indian Wedding”. For any Indian girl having a poor father might be fate, but having a poor husband is stupidity!

‘C’ stands for character. Character is the foundation for everything. There is no substitute for a good character and it gains greater proportions as one grows up. The way to build a character is by making promises. For example making a promise that one will not smoke and keeping that promise, is a sign of good character.

‘D’ stands for diligence. Diligence and hard work helps one to create an atmosphere of trust. It helps one to establish oneself as a committed individual who takes one’s work seriously. Thus making an impression will not be an issue for those who are diligent. People value diligence and hardworking people are taken seriously.

‘E’ stands for education. The education is what makes a man. How well one behaves in a social environment depends on his/her education. Education doesn’t mean only earning more college degrees but it is about learning from each and every experience of life. It is about developing yourself continually by showing your willingness to learn.

That’s the ABCDE of effectiveness. It helps one to be an impressive person. It is the main process and the by product is ‘impression’.

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