Weekly Recap: Indian Constitution, Santana, Thalaikoothal [and more]

Posted on November 21, 2010 in Specials

Here is a recap of all that topped the previous week ending November 21st, 2010, at YouthKiAwaaz.com. From the Indian Constitution to the heart wrenching culture of Thalaikoothal, here’s all:

Indian Constitution: A Comprehensive Analysis, Loopholes and More:

When we hear these familiar words, only one thing comes to our minds ‘the INDIAN constitution’. These are the very first words of the Preamble. The commencement of our constitution marked the beginning of an independent India. Drafted by the Drafting Committee headed by B.R. Ambedkar, […read more]

Hindustan Unilever Factory Exposing People To Hazardous Mercury Waste:

The Hindustan Unilever, an Indian subsidiary of the parent Anglo-Dutch company, Unilever was justifiably assailed by environmentalists and the employees of its Kodaikanal thermometer factory in 2001 for its incompetent and apathetic attitude towards workers health, many of whom lost their lives due to exposure to mercury, […read more]

Thalaikoothal: The ‘Custom’ Of Murdering One’s Parents in Tamil Nadu:

Something that happens in the districts of Tamil Nadu could unravel all the composure we maintain as sons and lovers of Mother Nature. The practice of thalaikoothal raged my heartbeats. I’m appalled even by the mere cacophonous sound of this very word-thalaikoothal especially after I knew what it stood for. […read more]

Carlos Santana And His Guitar Heaven:

You rarely come across classic rock covers which manage to bag a second listen. Even rarer is an album which is a compilation of covers of some of the best rock songs of the yesteryears. And one of the greatest guitarists of all time coming out with such a compilation is something every rock lover dreams of. […read more]

Dynamics Of Microfinance In India: The Road Towards Rural Development?:

Financial inclusion has been a very acute and pervasive problem among rural Indians. Their financial activities are limited to post office savings and borrowing from moneylenders, but not anymore, we have a new saviour, a real one this time, in the form of Microfinance. […read more]

Green Jobs: The New White Collar Jobs:

Change is the only constant, and changes are occurring at a staggeringly fast pace in today’s world. Why, you ask me? Well, who would have thought that our ways in the world would cause so much imbalance that we’d have to make an increased effort to consciously keep a tab on the effects of the technology we devise on our environment, and also discipline our lifestyle to meet the requirements of restoring ecological balance. That’s where Green jobs come into the picture. […read more]