Professional Blogging As A Career

Posted on December 18, 2010 in Alternative Careers

By Gururaj Rao:

There are a lot of prospects and implications of professional blogging as an alternative career. Here, I will highlight various aspects of the latest trends in internet usage by people globally and my prime focus will be on blogging or online publication. The cyberspace alone is an excellent learning tool or rather the best teacher which helps you in creating, designing and operating online content. Professional blogging was voted, in 2008, as the hottest alternative career in a poll conducted by CNN IBN in association with NIIT.

The blogging world has seen a lot of developments off late. People are turning this hobby and passion into a full-fledged career. A lot of websites out there give you the opportunity to earn extra money just by blogging. However, each blog is different in its own unique way and the scope of earning revenue also varies. People try to experiment with different streams while blogging and fail to understand that some categories arouse more interest than others. Hence, it is always advisable that you stick to your area of interest and write it in a way that it connects very well with readers.

Trends suggest that professional blogging has become a kind of a phenomenon. However, a number of people believe that blogging is not some permanent occupation and hence they don’t concentrate on blogging only for a living. In order to earn a decent amount of money, people also try to incorporate a host of affiliate programs and private advertisements which help in increasing revenue. Even businesses give some of their employees who possess excellent writing and marketing skills, an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks by blogging, with an aim to increase the customer base and additional product advertising.

The new media industry has enabled professional bloggers to make money and career by pursuing their hobby; by creating an extremely niche market. In order to click instantaneously as a blogger, the most important qualities one must possess are writing skills, originality, content consistency, a defined vertical and creativity of expression. It is highly beneficial to post at least six times every day. Here in terms of earning, you need to have a lot of patience if you are writing your own blog and not writing for others.

I shall conclude by stating that professional blogging certainly offers diverse and various prospects to people to further their experience and earning money.

A few professional bloggers are Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, Ashish Sinha of, Youth Ki Awaaz, and many more.

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