Can Anyone Think Rationally Without The Heart Intervening?

Posted on December 30, 2010 in Specials

By Samonway Duttagupta:

You know this bundle of flesh and blood is the primary source of life system in a human body. But sometimes I wonder that what if we humans never had a heart. No, I don’t say this way because I don’t want to have it but because sometimes I am awestruck by the tremendous power it has on all of us; it has the power to take a human being to the heights of his happiness but at the same time also possesses the power to bring him down to the ocean of sorrow where he can’t find a way out but sink deeper within. We humans love to live by love but this heart is something which also teaches us to live by hatred in the form of enmity, wars and violence.

Being a common servant of this overpowering “being” I am bound to come back to a more personal level from being general and talking about the human race as a whole. We all know that it’s the heart which gives birth to a feeling; this feeling connects the mind and thus gives birth to a thought, thought gives birth to our emotions and emotions act as the final link between what we started feeling to what we finally express. So the ultimate source of all we express is simply a calibration of the mind and the heart. I am known to be someone who is ‘emotional’ and thus express too much of what I feel and which in turn creates problems for others. I am asked to think rationally and use the mind over the heart sometimes to judge a situation. But my biggest question to all those who say so is- can anyone think rationally without having the intervening role of the heart? Go ahead, answer yourselves and the answer you will get is a definite No because whatever you think comes from a feeling, and a feeling is always given birth by the heart.

My purpose of writing down this note is to express what I feel and to connect this feeling with all I know. The message that I want to send across is- there is nothing in this mortal world that can be judged or comprehended through only the so-called “rational thinking of the mind” because at the end of the day, the heart rules- Heart is the primary source of our lives, heart makes us mortal, heart makes us live, heart makes us happy, heart makes us sad, heart makes us laugh and the heart makes us cry.

Heart is the source of survival of our mortal physical beings and also the ruler of our thoughts and emotion. Heart is the reason of our beings. So be careful, never force yourselves to make your minds rule over your hearts in the context of thinking “rationally” because when you do that you might do the mistake of hurting your heart; and when the heart is hurt, it stops and when it stops, only the body remains in the form of a dead dummy.

Come, let’s make our hearts beat to the tunes of happiness and think positive about our lives. Let’s live by love and spread the message of peace in this world. Let the hearts pour out… Happiness!!

Love, Respect and Peace.

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