Does God Exist? A Scientific Explanation

Posted on December 29, 2010 in Sci-Tech

By Anirudh Rao:

I have always wondered about the reason for existence of this Universe. This has always been the most important issue among a wide range of important people in our society, like philosophers, spiritual aspirants and scientists.

Scientists like Faraday, Newton and Einstein were extremely successful in going into the depths of science. It should be remembered that all three great scientists who brought about miraculous changes in the modern era were believers of God. I feel that they did the impossible only because of a certain feeling of humility, which helped them believe, that they were nothing in comparison to the creator and his larger scheme of things.

As a matter of interesting fact, according to Faraday’s religion, completion of circle was an important concept. He applied this idea to realize that the magnetic field of a magnet was a whirling tornado of invisible circular lines. This little idea was followed up by the electromagnetic theory and its physics. This theory played the most significant role in the birth of modern technologies. I am confident that spirituality and science are highly interconnected. Science may not be able to successfully prove spirituality. But the spiritual concepts and theories can be practically and successfully applied to advance the modern technologies and our understanding of sciences.

Scientifically speaking-air, water and suitable climatic conditions are required for the existence of life. However, according to me the existence of matter and to be more specific, the existence of Universe proves the existence of God. The fact that you can breathe, you can see, you can feel, you can think and most of all the fact that you have a heart which is capable of loving proves it convincingly. This is the maximum an engineering student like me, who is curious and willing to analyze, can come up with.

Therefore, I realize that a convincing proof is not a scientific proof. And it is unfortunate that sometimes people do not accept that science has a limit, spirituality however goes beyond this boundary. All religions consider God to be one, even though the ways to God may be different with due respect to each religion.

Spirituality is a truth which ought to be realized by each individual. It begins when he consciously and voluntarily forgets his religion, its rituals and the various superstitions in his culture. When an individual searches for God within his own heart he becomes spiritual, that is, he has started a spiritual journey. For a modern man, simplicity and self-awareness are the need of the hour. Terms like Agnosticism and Atheism are just convenient words invented by people who prefer to live in a continuous state of denial. It’s not about blindly believing something or blindly rejecting something. Spirituality is only about the aspirations of an individual who is curious to know and courageous to face the ultimate truth.

The question remains that in what way existence of God is relevant to a modern man who is obsessed with his everyday life? The answer is that some things can only be experienced. Spiritual pleasures and duties supplement our material needs, the pleasures, and the pains of the material world. According to the Ancient Indian Shastras and also many scientists, the human form of existence is the highest form possible in the whole Universe. Only for human beings, the word ‘God’ brings hope. So spirituality and the existence of God do hold infinite relevance for each individual. Search for God always begins and ends with your own self. “Seek and you shall find.”

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