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3 Reasons Why We Do Not Help The Downtrodden

Posted on December 11, 2010 in Specials

By Ajay Rana:

Ruling the World but Slaving the Poor

This world is going at a speedy rate that does not care who is left behind. Love, sex and desires chase everyone till the end of life. But alas! No one is happy with what he or she possesses at present. Every day I see people leaving their stay and running for work to get their smart salary or just as much sum as to get their two ends meet or sometimes even nothing. All are trying to get smarter than others. Needless to say that the idea of superiority never goes away from human minds and they try to put down the others in all activities and fields. The repercussions are very cruel. The government forming bodies are neglecting the already downtrodden poor community, and moreover they are launching activity like sixth high pay commission to relish the rest of their life. There are no reformations for social, political or economical equality but there are laws being formulated in favour of uplifted creed which is blindly followed by all, just because there is the blanket called ignorance covering all.

We live in our own Obsession

All the time we are trying for a better life, how far better condition we are from others say for example, a rickshaw puller or the people who only seem to find a place to sleep on the railway platforms? What is the next goal of your life when you have attained the position which you were longing for? Can you share your bread then with these people? Of course not, because now you are having a smart and royal personality. Life is so short that you wouldn’t bother to spend the smallest part of it on such trivial matters, rather you would like to look ahead and climb the mountains which will give you money, power, prestige and all that material longings which make you happy. We now think that government is solely responsible for the creation of poverty and destitute in our society and that government should take care of them.

Race of Minds with Humanity

We are now Homo sapiens with a broad mind to deal with any sort of matter, be it social, political, the poor. The true race of minds should be moving towards the upliftment of the the poor and needy; and making a way for overall development and welfare for all should be the motto of any decision or policy being formulated. We all face problems in the progress of our life and similar are the innumerable hindrances the poor people face but also without much amenities what we possess. We all have body and soul with which we are defined and have certain feeling, definite pain and real happiness like all others around us does. Therefore it is our prime duty to look for the betterment of marginal and no one should be left behind and differentiated on the basis of caste, creed or colour but opportunities should be provided to them on individual-basis, community-basis or country-basis whatever, whichever and whenever is feasible..

Rise as high as you can but love all, care for all and live for all.

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