Old Is Really Gold: Hold Tight To Culture To Move Forward

Posted on December 10, 2010 in Culture-Vulture

By Shivangi Saxena:

The previous decades have mirrored the multi-faceted Indian society. It all started with the inferiority complex that stemmed from the colonization and subsequent snubbing of the Indian community. The annexation of India by the British proved detrimental to the Indian ego or more importantly, the self esteem. A simple and innocent Indian was subjected to various degrees of discrimination just because he was born with a darker skin tone. This relentless discrimination captured the mindset of people and steered it to a path where going West acquired a new meaning. It meant a new life.

What followed was criticism of Indian ways and generous doses of praise for the West. Replicating it was the idea. Following the herd mentality, the simple Indian ditched his roots and greeted it with a smile. But times change. And they did.

In the last few years, going Indian has once again acquired prominence and the major contributor to it is the humble-yoga and the ancient Indian medicine. They originated in India, gained popularity elsewhere and then were proudly declared as Indian trademarks.

Yoga forms an integral part of Hindu-philosophy and it has been going places. From having pop stars to the indigenous Bollywood, we have them chanting ‘OM’ and trying out complicated yoga postures. These accentuate the popularity of yoga and help the general population realise one basic fact- the ancestors are mostly right. They advocated the use of Ayurveda and yoga for a healthy body and soul. And after many centuries we are made to realise this fact by people who were never exposed to Indian culture.

It’s all coming back. The things that we carelessly sidelined in the pursuit of the ‘happening’ west are the things we needed the most. To let go of our own practises and culture proved disastrous with many health problems invading that could have been prevented. The knowledge is being utilised to save millions of people worldwide. Culture arises from the ecological situation in a region; what may be good for the West may not suit us so imitation of a system that doesn’t work with our society just messes it up.

So wondering what you can do?

Just pick up that mat, brush off the dust and feel the chants. Also never let go of your own culture by mindlessly adopting foreign practises.

Use your brain… choose WISELY.

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