The Theory Of Relativity And Our Lives

Posted on December 7, 2010 in Specials

By Shivangi Saxena:

EINSTEIN – the poster boy of the scientific community gave the path breaking theory- the theory of relativity. The research papers of this guy with a wacky hairstyle became bible for the work immersed scientists while the rest of the population remained blissfully unaware of its true significance. Little did they realize that this theory which seemed mundane to them is the hidden pivot of the world. It governed the laws of the globe populated by materialistic mavericks and Facebook addicts.

Confused eh?

Well, everything is relative. Right from childhood, you have your growth measured keeping Mrs. Ahuja’s son in mind. Your academic success revolves on the fact whether you have outshone the class topper with 0.00001 marks. When you grew up, it scratched your ego when your carefully crafted presentation fell flat to the guy who you hated the most. To look beautiful meant to grab the spotlight from a starlet.

Throughout the journey of life, the determination of success and failures were made keeping your relative or neighbour in mind. It didn’t matter whether you put 100% effort, nourished the task with your sweat or outwitted yourself. It came down to one thing: am I better than Mr. X?

In reality these negative thoughts not only undermine your abilities but they also play an instrumental role in discouraging you from galloping towards success. Everything is not done for the sake of winning a race. The essential thing is to enjoy each and every moment of your opportunity glazed life. To appreciate the bounty bestowed and make every moment of your life count is what life us all about. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. What does matter is whether you have learnt your lesson well. This thing will make your life a joyride not a carefully choreographed sequence.

The relativity ceases to exist when you yourself acknowledge the efforts you have put and lend an ear to the voice of your inner soul.

A bit out of the box… or just plain weird?

Well, who said that theories by the weird haired guy were a piece of cake?

DISCLAIMER: Mrs. Ahuja is a fictional character representing a typical Indian scenario where a child is compared to another.

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