The Unseen Real City [Series Intro- Part 1]

Posted on December 14, 2010 in Specials

By Mithun Ganesh:

May 2, 2010. 12:00 AM.

Straight. Left. Stop near the lamppost.

That girl standing alone is Amritha Vasudevan. She is waiting for Frank Adams. They are going to run away from their parents to marry.

Reverse. Left.

This smell beats even mom’s food — Jyothi Broilers. This dhaba sleeps throughout the day and stays awake all night. It stands fearless before The KFC.

Stay left and hit the service road.

Watch out. This road is worst of all roads here. Stop just after the check post. The guy sleeping near the basket of Puris is Bhaskar.


The red carpets you are seeing on the platforms do not welcome anybody. There are people underneath them. Those people have the highest paid job — Begging.

Right. Go straight. At the end of the bridge, turn left.

Did you notice the number of the Santro that overtook us? 5555. Stay away from that — the Santro looks like a royal breed. Don’t get into troubles.

Go back and take that way.

By the right, what you see is the single eye Devi Matha temple. She was two eyed Devi Matha till before five years. It was then a crow fused one eye of her bulb sketch.

Did you see that?

Thief Timothy is behind the ATM. This might be the last sleep for the snoring watchman because if Timothy sets hands, he never returns empty handed.

Straight and be on right.

Careful and watch out for the Lorries. These drivers never see why a brake pedal is given. They just pass over anywhere and anybody for that matter.

You have mask? Wear it soon before the smell catches you.

This place we are crossing is the fish market for all the surrounding cities. These fishermen have very little sleep. They fish till night and market it all night. I wonder when they sleep.

In the next street is Golden Bar.

They stop their drinks business at about 10 PM and a dozen men stay inside with Tata Sumos going in and out. All night, some bangs are heard. Wonder what’s that?

At last we reached. Stop it near the parking space and let’s wait.

In the mean time, let me introduce myself. I am Amioor, funny name right? If you get to know who I am, you will not feel my name awkward. I am the city. To know a city, learn during its darker shades says a popular quote. If it is not popular, it will soon be. I will take you through across me on this particular eventful night and situations bringing up this event. You will see my children who think they don’t need me, forgetting where they move around. As we wait,


Rocky fell down. He was shot on legs. He gets up to limp around not for long. He was closed on by the couple of guys who shot him. He lay there with blood all around. The sight was dreadful.

“Where is he?”

“I DON’T KNOW. Please leave me sir. Please.”

D-U-M. D-U-M.

I have loads. Will unravel more. Till then, wait.