Does The UPA Government Deserve To Come To Power Again In 2014? [POLL RESULTS]

Posted on December 10, 2010 in Specials

On 9th October 2010, we posted our poll question to our readers and response has been phenomenal. The question was:

Do you think the UPA Government deserves to come to power again in 2014?

When UPA – II came back to power the hopes were high. The common Indian citizen had seen signs of development, and the historical victory of the Congress led UPA proved that people want development, and opportunities. Even at a time when the world was undergoing severe recession, India managed to sail through without facing the worst conditions. But, looking closely at what the state of affairs today is, the Congress led Government has had a lot to cover up for. Amidst the various corruption scam, including the biggest scam of the decade, 2G Spectrum scam, the common perspective emerging seems to be that the UPA should not be elected in the center once again in 2014. The results show that a majority (63.48%) want UPA not returning to power in 2014.

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While people might debate who the next political power in the center would be, the reality is that nobody is a holy cow. So who are we left with?

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