Waltz Of Stars: Choreographed By Your Fortune Teller

Posted on December 19, 2010 in Specials

By Shivangi Saxena:

A baby is born. His cries haven’t even waded their ear-wrenching level and an astrologer with 6 rings on his five fingers is bustled in. Hail the astrologer — the fortune teller. Oops! Fortune-MAKER. His majesty notes the time of birth, scribbles with the pen, feigns a know-it-all look and as the inheritor of all the worldly wisdom makes the proclamation, “The child is born under the watchful eye of Jupiter and hence will earn his name in finance sector”. The family huddled together heaves a sigh of relief, thanks almighty as THE GOD himself has bestowed the 1 minute old baby with FDI knowledge. The astrologer is then handsomely rewarded for decrypting the designs of GOD.

This mini drama took place in front of my eyes. It sent my Grey cells into frenzied motion which later was restored to normalcy by consuming a chicken snacker. The mini drama at the maternity clinic confirmed my fears that more people are being infected with the overdose of ‘the waltz of stars’ or falling a victim to the obsession with your KUNDLI (a documentation of various aspects of one’s birth, characteristics and much more). From the time we open our eyes in this woeful world, the astrologer with a smile pasted on his lips enters our life. He suggests addition of a few letters in our name (even ‘X’ ‘Y’ ‘Z’) or wearing a big stone to ward off the evil planets from spoiling our erstwhile perfect life.

But can a 2-carat ruby increase your chances of bagging a project even if you partied the entire month? Can a few alphabets grant you a seat at a coveted college? No they cant - its hard work. The keys to success are hard work, dedication, determination, devotion & self confidence. These are inherent qualities that chart your success. Your promotion is determined by the number of hours you slog, NOT by wearing weird necklaces around your neck.

Life is a calculated concoction of successes and failures. Failure is not a sign of upset planets. It is a depiction that GOD has something else in store for you, in a brutally honest manner. And a failure is not combated by paying visit to your “fortunebaba”. It should be dealt with a calm mind willing to learn from past mistakes. A life without failures is a barren life devoid of wriggling smiles.

There are many instances where people blame LUCK for an outcome of a closely debated fiasco to. But even luck favours the people who are blissfully ignorant of a factor that turns everything topsy-turvy. Luck is not a faithful alley. It fools the person with its staunch loyalty but is capable of switching sides at any instant!

So even if your boss is giving you hard days or it seems that your Mr Right is not bumping to you, don’t worry. Even the extra “K” can’t make it. But it can invite a few sniggers from my side!

Image courtesy: http://marrakechxanthe.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/romantic-blessings-from-djemal-fna-marrakech/