India Is Rich, But Why Are The People Poor?

Posted on December 27, 2010 in Society

By Tejasvi:

There is no need to state the mundane facts of our politicians and their bank balances. They have money enough to feed the poorest of the poor villages in India. Some 20 to 30 generation of their families can have a lavish lifestyle using that money. What makes them people’s representatives? Why do they not spend the money and instead store them in Swiss bank accounts and wire them to banks abroad?

They are cowards afraid of their motherland and their own lives. They are cowards as they live lives of fear. Fear that one day they will be caught. We see these scams on a daily basis and it is being covered extensively by all kinds of media. The politicians have been exposed for their corruption and are being made accountable for the illegal possessions. Still there is no benefit for the poor (BPL) citizen of this ‘rich’ nation. Farmers still face problems with unseasonal rains, floods, drought and electricity.

Almost all departments of the government of India has been the victim of corrupt politicians. It is time we, the youth of India find a solution to this problem, greater than terrorism. This ‘Money terrorism’ is a greater threat to the country that was once considered prosperous by the British than the Al Qaeda or LeT. Politicians are so busy filling their banks and caring less and even less day by day for the people who elected them. It is high time we, the youth react strongly to this injustice. We must place our firm feet in the arena and wash out the ‘dadas’ of corrupt India. We must mobilise more and more students to take up political sciences and gather more information about the backgrounds of politicians. We must expose the corrupt politicians and the money they have earned must be accounted for.

It is a real shame to see India ranking high in the list of most corrupt nations of the world. We would never forgive our government when one day, we realise that India stands for corruption. It would reflect on the values we stand for. India has been a land of sages and great thinkers of the ancient and contemporary ages. They have led simple lives and brought great name to the country. They have served our country and we take pride in naming those leaders or educationalists today. The politicians of today are not leaders and they need to step down for a better future of this country.

We have all the potential to become a great nation but the corruption at all levels is pulling us down. It is not hackneyed if this fact is mentioned everyday in the newspapers or repeatedly telecast in news channels. This must stop and we must put an end to this. Lets use the internet to expose the rats of Indian politics and their illegitimate possessions. We deserve a better future than what we would have tomorrow. So do the poor people; there would be no such thing as below poverty line if the bank accounts of those corrupt animals were emptied of all the illegal payments.

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