Wide Eyed

Posted on December 17, 2010 in Society

By A M Radhika:

Naïveté to intricacy and then to simplicity
Do all feet seem to walk in the books?
While everyone scrambles and rushes forth,
The sounds call me again to rush along, then,
I guess I too am one of them,
And I learn by seeing, wide-eyed.

I try being selfless, selfless enough,
To run along, with the waves for everyone,
To care about the wheels carrying me around,
And to bring sun-facers their own ray of hope,
I guess the coaxing wasn’t enough really,
‘Cos I still remain selfish and watch wide eyed.

They’d make me jump over the high wall,
At one go, only one, for the greens beyond,
I had a pasture green enough, albeit the chains,
Cheers, now I turn into mistletoe they cry,
I guess I’ll forget everything around,
And put on, wear a gaze, wide eyed.

While all this is on, I see what
Didn’t ever happen to people around,
That with all the grey, they neglect the rainbow,
That Time is something artificial sometimes,
That rebellion and peace could be same side of a coin,
I guess that’s what I observe but again, wide-eyed.

Fear is what engulfs on such days,
Even of overwhelming happiness,
Of stepping out of the cocoon you made yourself, et al,
Yes, a state of mind and a powerful one,
But in a state of purity even fear can’t be scathed,
I guess I put up a constant fight,
With one of these selves of mine still, wide-eyed.