10 Reasons Why You Must Attend A Fitness Boot Camp

Posted on January 8, 2011 in Health and Life

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy:

Variety. Entertainment. Fun. Socializing. Conversing. Creating.

Sounds like I’m describing the young generation of today? You are absolutely right.

That’s why bootcamp is so ideal for the youth. Because it’s fun. Having fun while doing something creative.

Youngsters have always resisted rules and tested boundaries. This generation is no different. Today’s young generation is even a few steps ahead in terms of having fun and being cool without compromising on quality & also staying responsible. Fitness boot camp does just that in terms of staying fit. And much more.

Fitness boot camp is an outdoor group exercise program inspired by the original military boot camp. It can be conducted by any talented personal trainer in decent outdoor areas like play grounds and parks.

Here are 10 reasons why you MUST go in for a boot camp:

  1. Boot camp is a group activity. It is a form of socializing with like minded people who intend to stay fit while having fun. Fun & fitness. Two birds in one stone.
  2. Boot camp relies on holding yourself accountable by looking at others’ progress & improving your method. No external force. Just some gentle coaxing through healthy rewards.
  3. Boot camp is competitive. You are constantly required to outdo and challenge yourself. You are your first competitor.
  4. You don’t need a huge space or an expensive gym. Your backyard or your buddy’s terrace can serve as equally great venues.
  5. You can take the gym with you wherever you go. Your own hands & feet. May be a set of dumbells & a friend would be great but they aren’t mandatory.
  6. There is no shortage of variety. Bootcamp has a series of different routines like running, squatting, lunging etc in short bursts.
  7. It helps bond with other boot campers, often one-on-one and discover each others’ hidden strengths & weaknesses.
  8. It can be done on it’s own or to compensate for one or two missed yoga or pilates class.
  9. It is easy to stick to a daily routine because bootcamp is anything but mundane, provided the instructors and trainers are creative.
  10. Any college or university can start it’s own chapter of bootcamp with the right trainers. No huge investment required.

So what are you waiting for? Call your trainer at the gym & get one started. Gather friends and work it out!

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