Maverick Healers: How To Be A Hypnotherapist? [ALTERNATIVE CAREER]

Posted on January 21, 2011 in Alternative Careers

By Anwesha Bose:

In this stress filled world, everyone is running hither thither in search of healing and peace. Many of us are sensitive to this aspect of living, and want to help. Hypnotherapy is an emerging career for those who want their desire to help people, become a successful career as well. A promising career choice, Hypnotherapy is a mix of psychotherapy and hypnosis.

For humans, Brain is an object of mystery, which science has yet to decode. Psychology is one such subject which delves into the world of human behaviour, physiology and human attributes.

People who are inclined to this world shall find Hypnotherapy a rather interesting unconventional choice. There are a lot of stereotypes around, as many confuse hypnotherapy with stage hypnotists who can make anyone look stupid, act like a monkey, speak like a chicken! But this field is serious business as many top notch professionals are flocking to such healers like migrating birds, mostly owing to their stressful lifestyle. Hence a lot of money can be made once the therapist has established contacts and has a good amount of experience with clients.

But before all this you need to learn the process and have a certain amount of understanding of how peoples’ minds work. Training usually consists of nine or so full weekends with a month in between, during which time you complete the practical side of the course and studied the required case studies. There are many educational institutes providing the necessary degrees as well. With alternative healing methods like acupuncture, yoga, ayurveda, colour therapy already catching up in India, this is also not far behind, considering it’s a rage abroad.

One can use cognitive behaviour therapy, Neural Linguist programming, Gestalt therapies, and counselling skills, to build a very thorough and effective therapy. The job satisfaction is immense as seeing someone get better or be able to cope independently is always gratifying. On the flipside, one can expect to hear some awful things and it can be quite distressing but the key is to remember that it is your client’s issue, and not yours, hence keeping your emotions under control.

Since one works independently, they can work whatever hours they choose and fit it in around their schedules. However it can be both physically and mentally draining as one needs to retain a positive approach for both yourself and the client. Hours of being constantly enthusiastic can be hard work – but it’s worth it and one always feels better for it.

This is career for the brave, who believe in the unconventional and are true in their intent to help others. A lot of sensitivity is required but this will build up in course of time. It is time to take the road less travel and create a niche in the unexplored havens.

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