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Choosing The Right Career For Yourself

Posted on January 15, 2011 in Alternative Careers

By Gururaj Rao:

In today’s busy world, choosing the right career path is essential in life because this choice decides the course of your life. There are people who have their mind clear at a very young age. However, some people do not realise what they want in life even at later stages in life. Such people tend to change their professions and careers simply because they hate whatever they are doing at present. The main reason with respect to our country’s social background is that youngsters receive advice from various quarters from a very young age. There is a lot of unnecessary intervention and influence by peers, counsellors, relatives and teachers.

Many parents who are successful also force their children to opt for their profession without considering the interests and abilities of the child. Another reason may be money and varying current trends where a big compromise is made on one’s interests and skills. Therefore, proper guidance and support is required so that success can be optimized in life.

The first and foremost thing is to remove all preconceived notions from your mind and choose the career you want. Find out your interests and talent which will ensure satisfaction and enjoyment in whatever you do in future. Hence, a personality test if taken is advantageous because this will help you to draw a list of probable options available to you. If this is not done, various thoughts; both essential and useless may crop up in your mind. In today’s world there are a lot of opportunities and avenues for building a highly successful career and hence matching of interests, personality and ability is essential. Hence, it is better if you yourself analyse your interests and all the things you are passionate about which may help you in scaling extraordinary heights. Moreover, ours is a value based society and hence you must ensure that whatever you do is morally, professionally and ethically right.

It may be a wise option to develop hobbies like photography, painting etc. which can be incorporated into a career whenever required. Skills like knowledge of computer languages and writing may prove to be useful because these may lead to a different career altogether. However, if you concentrate on one thing and fail in it, then there will be no opportunity to divert your career path in future.

Most often in life, the situations that we face are all because of the choices we make and the choice of choosing the right career is of utmost importance because a wrong decision may lead to a life full of misery, frustration and struggle. The bottom line is that when you incorporate your hobbies and interests into your career, the jobs will be the best in the world.