Introducing Our Partners In Change: Citizen Effect

Posted on January 14, 2011

By Anshul Tewari:

2010 was the year of some great announcements and analysis of some of the most critical issues India has been facing. In the last 3 years of its existence, all of us at Youth Ki Awaaz have seen and emphasized on onekey principle of bringing about the change in our society, i.e., citizen activism. It is only when everyday citizens get together and address an issue – that we see ground breaking change happening.

With this thought in mind, I take immense pleasure in introducing our partners in change, Citizen Effect. Citizen Effect is driven by the idea that anyone can make a real and significant impact in the world. Their mission is to provide everyday citizens the tools and networks they need to work directly with communities around the world.

They help you partner with communities in need, and build a more self-reliant and sustainable life for them by completing a small but critical project. Citizen Effect is a great example of how common people like you and me can be the solution and help others lead a better life.

Just a visit to the Citizen Effect website will give you an insight into how people have engaged themselves in philanthropy and impacted thousands of lives.

In the coming days, you will find a lot of discussion on Citizen Philanthropy, some great opportunities for yourself, case studies of how communities have been impacted and much more. You can follow the updates

To know more about Citizen Effect, log on to To know about the projects they run, visit

The need of the hour is to be the change. We are ready, are you?

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