PHOTONAMA: Shades Of The City

Posted on January 23, 2011 in PhotoNama

Often, photos speak much louder than words. So, no words here on. Our photo journalist Ridhi Rajpal shows us the shades of the city life, from a common man’s perspective.

Shows the curiosity of the people, and the typical mob culture. What attracted their attention and what exactly was happening is a mystery till date! But it is very common to see such bunches of people all over Old Delhi.
A man pulling a luggage cart. Another common sight of the Old Delhi.
A police officer parking is mo-bike.
Again, three men pull the luggage cart in Old Dehi area.
An old man with his sewing machine. In Old Delhi area, sewing business is on a high, many generations and colonies engage in this business to sustain themselves.
A Muslim woman, carrying shopping bags... Evidently, she is very conscious.
A luggage rickshaw puller. These are easier to manage as they have a cycle system installed on the front of the cart, instead of the old system carts which people have to pull manually (as in the earlier picture).
A "jhoolawala". Obviously, a delight for the kids! Such swing rides are loved by Old Delhi kids, and for the swing owners, this is the only source of living.
A crowded market place in Old Delhi area.

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