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Posted on January 1, 2011 in Events

As 2010 comes to an end, we can’t stop from wishing you a very happy new year. The last year has been filled with many joyous moments, and many sad ones.  While there is a lot that we need to speculate, a lot of introspection that needs to be done, here’s wishing everyone a very happy new year 2011. And with this thought we present a list of all that topped the news this year ending 31st December, 2010. This list is based entirely on the basis of the most read posts, calculated on the basis of the total number of views and comments.

1) Honour Killing in India: An In-depth Study

Honour killing is defined as a death that is awarded to a woman of the family for marrying against the parent’s wishes, having extramarital and premarital relationships, marrying within the same gotra or outside one’s caste or marrying a cousin from a different caste. Honour killing is different from the dowry deaths that are also a very common practice in India as, in the case of dowry deaths, the perpetrators of that action claim that they have not been given enough material rewards for accepting the woman into the family. (Read more)

2) Domestic Violence in India: Causes, Consequences And Remedies

In our society, violence is bursting. It is present almost everywhere and nowhere is this eruption more intense than right behind the doors of our homes. Behind closed doors of homes all across our country, people are being tortured, beaten and killed. It is happening in rural areas, towns, cities and in metropolitans as well. It is crossing all social classes, genders, racial lines and age groups. (Read more)

3) Commonwealth or Common Man’s Loss?

The plethora of excitement surrounding the commonwealth games 2010 has long given way to the anger amongst the people of India. Though the games are seen as shiny new booty by the gold diggers, they have been quite successful in digging holes in the common man’s pockets. (Read more)

4) Prostitution Booms As Commonwealth Approaches

As commonwealth games approach, the Delhi Government is getting busier in up gradation and the beautification process of Delhi. With large chunks of international audience flocking the nation prostitution will hugely thrive during the Games; attracting sex workers and traffickers who smuggle women from various cities and countries to meet the booming demand during the games. (Read more)

5) Typical India: High GDP, Low HDI Rank

In the past two decades, India has been making sustained progress on a scale, size and pace that is unprecedented in its own history. Real GDP growth had averaged 5.8 per cent in the 1980s and 1990s, accelerated to 8.6 per cent in the period FY03 to FY06 and peaked to 9.4 per cent in FY07. If the current GDP growth rate of around 9% is maintained, India can propel herself into elusive club of high growth economies. However, this undisputed record is also accompanied by dismal Human development rankings. (Read more)

6) Top 10 DJs Of India

DJ or a Disc Jockey is someone who plays recorded music for an audience, generally in a club or a party. They may play music in the bars, nightclubs discs or rave parties. They may select and play music or may even do some turntable scratching to create percussive sounds. In short, they are the life and soul of any club or party. They can make or break the mood out there; have the power to get every feet on the dance floor! (Read more)

7) Pranav Mistry — Innovator of Sixth Sense Technology — Technology that Makes Sense

The famous diamond traders of Surat originally hailed from Palanpur. Today, their most astounding diamond has made us proud spreading its dazzle beyond the confines of our country, across the proverbial Seven Seas. Research assistant and PhD candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Pranav Mistry hails from the small Northern town of Palanpur, Gujarat and went on to become the stellar innovator and inventor of the award winning Sixth Sense technology. (Read more)

8.) 63 Facts About India You Should Be Proud Of

After the entire nation observed and (hopefully) celebrated the 61st year of Indian Republic, many of us have perhaps forgotten that that day was important. The only thing that remains in our mind now, is the break from the regular work we had. Ironically, today, Valentines Day, New Years day etc. make us feel ecstatic and festive but Republic Day and other national days do not throw us into a similar festive frenzy. The reason being, there is no business opportunity, glamour or show off associated with our national festivals. (Read more)

9) Youth in Politics: Dare to Scavenge the Filth of Stained Profession? [Problems and Solutions]

There isn’t much to describe about the current state of Indian politics and its impact. Each of the big political scandals in the history of India would reaffirm the fact that politicians who are meant for building the nation are actually engaged in looting, degrading and distorting the integrity of the same for their personal benefits. Bofors Scandal, Babri Masjid Demolition, Fodder Scam, JMM Bribery Case, Gujarat Riots, Taj Corridor Case, innumerable Land Scams, the very recent Telecom Scam so on and so forth…the list is endless. The present state of our political system refrains the motivated youth from entering into this stained profession. Why not give it a try? (Read more)

10) An Open Letter To Ms. Mayawati [EXCLUSIVE]

Dear Ms. Mayawati,

Hope you are doing well. I have heard and seen a lot about you but haven’t yet got a chance to meet you in person. I am sure your early life inspires many of us. Recently, we saw that there was a stampede at an ashram in Uttar Pradesh and above 60 people died in the same. This is certainly shocking and heart wrenching for all of us. As usual, the blame game has begun, and the story will continue to make headlines until another such incident happens. There was a police outpost barely 50 metres from the ashram. (Read more)

11) Why “Bihari” Became A Gaali in Delhi And Mumbai

Bihar, the most underdeveloped and underprivileged state of the nation is the new tiger economy of the country. It has achieved a growth rate of about 11.03% in its GDP in the last five years under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. With this, Bihar shut the mouth of all the critics who were always commenting on the development in this part of the country. A state which was termed as the “BIMARU” state has today reached this level of growth due to proper government administration. (Read more)