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iPhone v/s Blackberry: Which One Do You Prefer?

Posted on January 31, 2011 in Sci-Tech

By Apoorva Dixit:

First there was a separatist movement amongst the people when they opted for the more professional gadget. Soon there was another group who advocated and flaunted their own gorgeous gadget. Time passed and the bond of loyalty was developed towards their respective brand. The feelings were so deeply rooted that these two were no less than the groups who practiced ethnic or religious separatism. Gone is the time when these were just juicy fruits, Apple and BlackBerry (BB) users are moving towards pure extremism.

Today the world is divided into iPhone users and BB users. Those who don’t have it are as good as extinct species according to some of the elite users who possess these priceless ornaments!

Ever since their creation, they have been at odds — breeding application and feature disputes that have culminated in continuous violence. The conflict between these two communities has been stereotyped as historic and insurmountable. The sense of communal harmony between them has been compromised in the last few years with the launch of new models and generations.

If you don’t believe it then just try to ask an Apple user to comment on BB or vice versa, you will see the hatred in their hearts for each other.

BB has been mostly been the staple of corporate users whose life revolved around email or calendar features. From the recent advertisement campaign it is evident that RIM (Research in Motion) is aiming to target high end customers who might buy the device for play as much as for work.

Apple has also worked to give corporate friendly touch to iPhone. So when the target markets are pretty common for both, the war is fought on equal terms.

BB users whack about its best email service or QWERTY keyboard, long —life battery, higher pixel camera, Blackberry executive services such as Blackberry messenger, etc while iPhone users are madly passionate about the touch screen, umpteen apps, and much more. Though iPhone users have less reason to stay loyal, one reason is enough for them. The reason is that it is after all an Apple product. It has to be cool, trendy and more fun.

A BB user challenges their rivals to use iPhone with one hand while these guys gives them advises on technology. There can be myriad comparisons between the two and it will be a never ending debate anywhere under the sun.

Though, overall Nokia is the leading cell phone maker in India, but these guys treat Symbian users as trash and down-market. (Symbian is the operating system used in Nokia phones) While Nokia community is waiting for its new OS, slowly and steadily – Android users are gaining a lot of momentum in the market.

Whatever it is, in this small skirmishes from Nokia and Android powered phones, the war between BB and iPhone is still unaffected and it refuses to just calm down. So when you see a BBM code as a status messages on a social networking sites or chat windows, then be sure that BB is scoring over iPhone. And when you see some photo albums uploaded to Facebook via ‘iPhone’ then you confirm that Apple is winning.

So which is your favorite phone? Apple, BB or some other brand.

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