Let’s Be Kids Again

Posted on January 29, 2011 in Specials

By Sai Deshmukh:

Daydreaming... That’s probably one of the best things I like to do apart from enjoying my mom’s cooking. Yes I loved to dream with eyes wide open. It was like this since childhood. My dreams were always an escape for me from my life, a sort of emotional support one might say. Sounds weird but whenever I used to be sad, a quick dip in reverie and I was back to fighting back. Sometimes I was a princess waiting for my knight and sometimes a detective helping Nancy Drew in her sleuthing. Books played a major role in shaping my imaginations. Especially Nancy Drew and Harry potter. I was 15. Still like a kid I used to hope that one fine day I will get a letter from Hogwarts and that Harry Potter was not just a figment of imagination by J. K Rowling. But then I grew up and things happened like they do to everyone else. All of a sudden I realized that dreams are nothing but whims and imaginations, wisps of smoke that thin out in the blazing daylight called life.

It made me wonder at times … growing up can be so monotonous and boring. Why don’t we follow our threads of imagination now? One doesn’t have to be all mature and grown up all the time. There are so few who still travel their beautiful path and create literary master pieces. My point is why stop thinking about the small in significant things that give us immense joy? There is no harm or lunacy in thinking or believing that Twilight series might be real or Harry Potter does exist! I had read long back … “Growing up is not at all mandatory then why do we follow it?”

Let’s be kids at heart. Innocent and pure. Half of the problems would be solved by it. Life is a complex picture and solving all through your life takes a toll at your well being. Majority of us become sad and grumpy. There are problems but let’s learn to be kids first. What is there in being dejected and whiny?

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