West Bengal Politics: The Time To Rise Has Dawned

Posted on January 27, 2011 in Politics

By Swati Parvatham:

Bengal-once the cultural capital of India is just a state famous for political controversies. The political scenario in the state is in a pathetic condition. Two of the most powerful political parties in the state are fighting to prove as to who is the more powerful one. Education, law, transports and as a result the lives of the citizens of the state are in a state of turmoil.

Colleges have turned into a ‘akhada’ where CPI(M) and TMC student union activists are fighting it out to prove their strength. Offices and factories have just become a place of discussion of state politics. Unions are what rule the workplaces like factories, etc. On one hand, political publicity is what is at an all time high but work is what the biggest sufferer is.

Wherever one goes, they can hear CPI(M) and TMC; ‘Lal’ and ‘Shobujh’(Green) or Budha babu and Didi. But it’s high time the people of Bengal realize the futility of these things. Where is the point of discussing and fighting over people, who do not even bother to spend some time thinking about the betterment of the state. Each time during elections, people just cast their vote based on age-old political preferences and betterment of the state and their own self takes a backseat.

For the past more than 32 years, a single political party has been ruling the state and has single handedly brought the state to a position where no corporate house is interested to venture into. Why? Due to a fear of political interferences in the functioning! Now that a change in hands of power is expected, people are expecting betterment.

But what is the guarantee that this new power holder is going to bring about any change? After all it the party which literally pushed out the Indian entrepreneur Ratan Tata and his NANO project out of the state towards Gujarat stating the cause of ill-treatment of farmers. Little did they think that the land had already become unsuitable for agriculture by that time. So should one still think about betterment under the rule of this party? Think again!

It is high time that the youth of this state take a stand to bring forward a positive change in the lives of the people of Bengal. It is time that the youth arise to voice their opinions about the improvement of the state rather than wait for some political representative to do so. It is we, the youth who are the future of this state and this country and it is we who need to bring about the change for the better future. Why do politically arisen youth need to support these parties lead by the old and corrupt? Can’t they take a stand for the collective betterment of the commons and build a party for themselves.

It is high time that we Indians stop depending on a handful of corrupt political rather than public representatives and do something to uplift our states and country as a whole. So take the stand for a better future and use your power to vote fruitfully!

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