Where India Scored Well In 2010 [A Flashback]

Posted on January 2, 2011 in Specials

By Pratik Goyal:

India is a land of Unity in Diversity, as we all know, but we also know (and yet never admit) that we need to be reminded of the fact and to feel the bond. 2010 has certainly been the year which is going to make us realize the very fact. Some of the moments which have united India, no matter the differences in opinion of any petty fact possible:

India in Sports:

We can all agree that 2010 has been the year which has established us in the field, on the books, and on the face of sporting world. 2010 reinforced the belief of many, who had lost the faith, atheist or infidel, whichever maybe the term, that India too can perform on the field. The prowess shown by Indian athletics team in the ground be it controversy ridden Commonwealth Games or be it Asian Games. Shooters and Athletes walked with head held high after India performed exceptionally well, showcasing their talent and pulling the best result in the history of tournaments.

Sachin Tendulkar, the master batsman, whose name stands as an unofficial synonym of both the words, Excellence and Legend. Piling on record breaking and making performances to his illustrious career, certainly added more feathers to his cap by becoming the only sports person to be conferred the honorary rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

There is definitely another name who has the left a deep impact in the minds of the people, none other than Saina Nehwal, the super girl, the wonder woman of Badminton. Proving herself by winning the five major tournaments this year and ending the year as No.2, she is the source of inspiration for many people out there especially women, in our male dominated society rising as an icon after the Sania Mirza.

Obama in India

Indian Global Picture:

The visits of Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, Wen Jiabao,  the head of the governments of USA, France, Russia, China along with the visit the UK Prime Minister, paints a pretty picture and we can feel the growing power and importance of our country in global circle.

2010 witnessed a qualitative expansion of strategic relations with key partner countries and a robust engagement with India’s neighbours. In a year of unprecedented diplomatic engagements, the Government of India hosted 24 Heads of States/Governments and 30 Foreign Minister level visitors.

All these visits can be viewed as an acknowledgment of the strengthening of the global profile of India which can be taken as sign for good omen in the next decade.

Nitish Kumar's victory in Bihar proved that caste politics is not what works now!

India in Politics:

Taking the case of the Ayodhya Verdict, it was not exactly the decision which anyone had hoped but the playing safely on the issue of Ram or Rahim, the 3 member Lucknow Bench of Allhabad High Court came out with the verdict that the land is to be divided into three parts with one-third going to Muslim. But the only good thing which w can take away from this decision and aftermath is that no communal riots followed while the good sense prevailed among the people on the day when one of the most awaited decision was to come out after independence.

Among the minor tales of the political landscape of our country, Bihar elections was won fairly and with great margin by Nitish Kumar and party, who started his second innings after having pulled five majestic years for the state of Bihar, the land which seemed to hit the lowest most point in any measurable aspect in after riding the what seemed the never ending the downslide of Lalu regime. And hence proving that people of this state support development over caste and creed.

India in Business:

India roared with 8.8% GDP growth rate in the first quarter of this year and advanced towards the 9% figure. Simultaneously the inflation cooled venting off steam with figure 7.48% based on wholesale price index with  the target of 6.5% for financial year 2010.

Job market scenario improved drastically with fresh vacancies on the table. A source confirmed India has top destination for the prospects of job creation by adding lakhs of vacancies in organized sectors.

And it was due time for our currency to get recognition, and the new rupee symbol does uphold that promise, but only time will tell.

These are the some basic highlights of the year 2010, some things no Indian would like to forget. And standing at the edge of this decade, we hope that the new decade and this new year takes our country at the top.