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TOP 10 Jobs For College Goers: Earn While You Learn

Posted on February 16, 2011 in Alternative Careers

By Neha Bhandarkar:

College going students today have a new outlook, which in some way or the other widens their boundaries. They no longer want to confine themselves to their college course, campus and friends. They want to explore and learn new ways to not become too dependent on their parents. They are willing to walk that extra mile in order to meet their financial expenses all by themselves without wanting to bother their parents. A job should be chosen keeping in mind their interest areas, and the amount of work and time that can be spent on a particular activity in the form of a job.

It should not only engage them, but also take care of their monetary expenditures while leading to a learning experience. These can range from catering to content writing to working in call centres, depending upon the interest and also the availability of time. Some of the most readily accessible jobs that a college goer can try his or hands onto are:

  1. Content writers/ Data entry Operators: This is inclusive of writing for web, radio, and print too. At times some big-scale events like a theatre festival or a musical season festival which is an annual affair look for writers for their latest venture which needs to get visibility online. Same goes for any of the above mentioned. Especially radio, keeping in mind the present language that is used by the RJs which need not necessarily be “formal”, one can write their scripts for a show or two. Content writers can be from any academic background, with a flair for writing. They must have good logical skills, good command over language, and experience in web research and researching content over the internet with a decent typing speed too.
  2. Event promoters/ Part time emceeing: This is another field which not only demands work but also develops anyone who is involved with a particular event. Event promoters are not confined to a single job, but it has under its process, an assortment of various little things that matter the most once it comes to the event. This is inclusive of promotion and publicity at various places, ticket sales, hospitality, online visibility, etc. The event promoters get not only a wide exposure to the event and its happenings but also get a chance to most of the renowned personalities.
  3. Tuitions for children: The specialization courses which a student undergoes during his graduation days, make him/her prolifically efficient in his subject matter. This can be shared and spread as knowledge to younger ones. This has the dual function of making academically weak students revise better. This must be initiated only when you have a strong hold on a particular subject and a great deal of patience within you to deal with younger ones!
  4. Disk Jockeying (DJ): This is for anyone who has a good taste of music and keeps himself or she updated with the latest trends that interest the present generation. With a crowd-pulling charisma and a vibrant personality and most importantly a great collection of records and the basic but enthusiastic skill of mixing and scratching, one can be a professional DJ. This will be one of the good sources of income and also a priceless chance to be a part of a number of happening pubs and clubs.
  5. Copywriters for Creative Advertisements: Copy writing involves communicating with impressive words to promote a business venture, a product, person, idea or thought. This usually involves writing advertisement concepts for various media – print, television, radio or online media. Therefore, it is involved with writing taglines, jingle lyrics, website contents and advertisements, etc. wherein they need to convince people to buy a particular product or agree to a particular idea through the clever use of words.  They should be able to write in crisp, original, interesting and gripping copies that are free of grammatical mistakes. A free and creative mind is essential as the copy writer must be able to write convincing pieces to influence the target audience. Also they should be constantly updating themselves with the latest happenings around them.
  6. Food and Product Stylist: This is an exciting money-fetching job, which is a part of hotel management. All it needs is that intuitive knack for creativity and innovation. It requires a lot of practise and it doesn’t have a particular institute that teaches crafting food. The basic culinary skills and improved ideas of appealing presentation can work wonders. The stylist can be hired by posh places where appearance and arrangement matters. Garnishing dishes and drinks can be fascinating. Same goes for product stylists. Keep your portfolio ready while casually experimenting with photoshop when you end up coming up with something really that goes, ‘Wow!’ and you can be that company’s next product manager!
  7. Delivery services at food chains: Dominos, Pizza Hut, or McDonalds, there lie endless opportunities to be a hand in these places like these, especially delivery services. All you need is a valid driving license with the driving expertise obviously!
  8. Library Assistants: Students can opt to work a few hours either in the college library itself or in other libraries in the neighbourhood. They can take the position of library assistants or assistant record keepers. Since the payment is done on an hourly basis, students can choose how much work to take on depending on their financial requirements and college timings.
  9. Modelling: If you are someone with an impressive personality and looks, coupled with a good height (or not), this a great way to get some fast cash. It’s extremely popular and helps you get some of the most inaccessible and helpful contacts for your future. The thing to note here is that this involves time investment and also a lot of energy and comes with pressing stress too.
  10. Gas station Attendant: This is another part time service that a student can opt for. Depending on the college schedule, one can choose the number of hours he or she wishes to work for.

These jobs will prepare the student for their post college days, and also take care of their monetary requirements. The common requirement is the art of balancing between studies and work as it can become a little taxing to concentrate at both the places. With the right managerial skills,  college goers can try doing these jobs and at the same time attend college without any problem.

What do you think? Have an awesome addition to the list? Drop in a comment below.

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